2017: Page 354

Page 354 was another early day with another set of tasks worked on as well as another set of lessons — some new and some repeats in both the tasks and the lessons.  My morning soundtrack that flowed through my mind as I went about the usual routine included the words, “What a friend we have in Jesus.  All our sins and griefs to bear.  What a privilege to carry, everything to Him in prayer.”  It was a good theme, both to start my morning with and to carry with me as I spent time throughout the day working on plans and preparation for a New Year’s Eve prayer vigil here at Deer Run.

It was also good because it was a reminder that I let things bother me.  Sometimes it is easier to just say that things bother me, but at least most of the time the statement that I let them bother me is closer to the truth.  Sometimes my “letting it” is amplified by a mind that thinks very literally.  For example, there is a commercial on TV that boasts some high percentage of people “have achieved completely clear skin” after taking this drug — my mind immediately thinks of transparent, like glass, and it conjures up a mental image that is difficult to remove. 🙂  It seems many times that a heightened sense of right and wrong, of fairness and impartiality, lead to things happening that I let bother me when in reality I have no part of the issues cause and am in no position to be a part of its solution.  Therefore the line in my mental soundtrack, “Oh, what peace we often forfeit.  Oh, what needless pain we bear.  All because we do not carry, everything to God in prayer.”, was a good reminder about things that I let bother me.  Not that I’m in any way cured of the “letting”, but the reminders teach me about things I need to work on.

My workday was filled with the prayer vigil prep, writing and sending a prayer ministry newsletter, and cleaning in preparation for a school program tomorrow.  I will still need to do some touch-up in the morning, but some of the larger prep is done.  By late afternoon it was time for lunch so I headed out to pick up a few things and get some lunch.  After lunch I called to see how my mom was doing and made plans to meet my mom and dad for dinner.  With time to spare before dinner, we decided to head to Potato Creek on our way and look for the eagles.  We didn’t see the eagles, but the sunset was well worth the stop.  Between the clouds, the area of clear sky on the horizon, and the thin layer of ice on the lake, today’s photo was an attempt to capture the stunning scene that was stretched out before us.  Once the sun dropped, we continued on to dinner and had a nice evening with my mom and dad before heading home and calling it a day.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • Sometimes I have so many routine tasks and lessons that it is easy to miss the new ones if I’m not paying close enough attention.
  • The Bible is full of names, titles, and descriptions of Jesus — each carrying with it an attribute of God.  Friend is one that is good to experience.
  • Some things are easy and almost natural to take to God in prayer while other things take deliberate effort on our part.  God wants us to take it all to Him.
  • Things happen that you and I don’t like.  Some may be wrong things and some may just be things that are different from what we expect or want — but it is usually our choice how long we let those things bother us.
  • Thinking literally can be a good trait . . . unless the person you’re listening to isn’t speaking literally. 🙂
  • Even a cloud-filled sky can be a thing of beauty when the sun shines on and through it . . . I suspect the same is true of my cloud-filled life when I let the Son shine on and through it.


2 thoughts on “2017: Page 354

  1. Beautiful photo and a wonderful message. I often take things as stated when it is more a turn of phrase. The words “I’ll kill you” used to terrify me as I really though the person was murderous. Time and maturity have led me to know it is just a phrase for most people but one that I never utter… As for the “letting things bother me” I have just this week had the same reminder – to let them go and let God take over. It isn’t my problem in most cases.

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