2017: Page 350

Page 350 has been a quiet and restful day.  So quiet and restful that I never made it out of the house.  I thought about going out to look for snowy owls to photograph, but my wife had other plans so I decided to start going through the photos I’ve take this year in an attempt to select some of my favorites to have prints made.  With thousands of photos from the year, this will be a long project — but a project that won’t ever get done unless I start.  

One of the sections of photos that I made it through were the ones from the 2017 Christian Camp Leaders Conference last January.  It seems only fitting that a conference for camp leaders would include free times in the schedule to go out and explore the beauty of the Great Smoky Mountains.  Today’s photo is one from a hike I took of Abram’s Falls while I was at the conference.  I am scheduled to have a prayer ministry display at the conference again this coming January and am looking forward to both the connections that take place through the material I provide and to some time to spend in the mountains with God.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • Sometimes your plans don’t coordinate well with the plans of others and you have to come up with an alternate course of action.
  • When the year began, I was going to create a folder to put my favorite photos of each session into so I would have easy access to the highlights — but I didn’t.
  • Putting things off is sometimes easier at the moment, but usually leads to a greater amount of work later.
  • For me, photos provide a great reminder of the many opportunities God has given me throughout the year.
  • Wherever I go, God provides opportunities for me to bask in His presence if I look for them.  Sometimes it takes more effort to miss those opportunities than to find them.
  • I pray that others benefit through my being able to share the things I find during my times of pursuing God in the midst of His creative beauty.
  • The times I spend alone with God are always a help to my being effective in the times I spend with people when I’m representing the prayer ministry at conferences and conventions.