Still Thankful?

The holiday is over,
we’ve all said our thanks.
So we rush to the stores
to fill up their banks.
I need this and
some more of that.
Leave me alone,
I’ve no time to chat.
You want this,
but so do I.
So drop it now
or get a black eye.

How did we go
from giving thanks to this?
What was the point
that we surely did miss?
A heart that is thankful
should be content.
And our actions should show it,
if that’s what we meant.
So, on this “Black Friday”;
and all other days too.
Keep on being thankful
for what God’s given you.
© 2017 by Tom Lemler

As I’ve seen the annual “Black Friday” news reports of fights, brawls, and bad behavior from people rushing out to obtain the things they “absolutely have to have”, this poem showed up in my mind. I pray that you and I would live a life of contentment every day as we consider all that we have in Christ.

In prayer,


2 thoughts on “Still Thankful?

  1. I did venture out today – at 11:00 AM. I went to 2 stores to pick up 2 last minute items that were necessary in the course of living – a laundry basket (because when one falls apart it is an emergency), and a frying pan (because when your trusty workhorse decides that it is going to reject its handle, well, that is a catastrophe)! I wanted to avoid the craziness and managed to get both my items without venturing anywhere near UP mall or Grape Rd!

    • Yes, there are things that wear out and need replaced — even on “Black Friday”. 🙂 I do my absolute best to avoid any of the Grape Rd shopping areas from now through the end of the year.

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