2017: Page 304

Page 304 continued the string of cold mornings as I started my truck and made my way to work.  There wasn’t any frost to scrape off the windshield, so that was a blessing.  I arrived at work early and started writing yesterday’s page before doing the morning prayer, cleaning, and building prep routine.  This morning’s song running through my mind as I worked was “Wash me and I shall be whiter than snow.”  It is a beautiful hymn that could have been brought to mind for a lot of reasons.  I suppose the cold weather and the chance of snow flurries in the forecast lingered in my mind, but the primary image in my mind that brought the words of the hymn to my morning worship was how white the lighthouses looked last night with the waves washing over them.  Sometimes the washing we need is more vigorous than the one we desire, but we can be assured that the washing we receive from God is the one that cleanses us from all unrighteousness.

Once the building was ready for the day, I finished writing yesterday’s page before turning my attention to some maintenance tasks in the building.  With the Growing Strong retreat coming up this weekend, I also spent time online answering questions and trying to convert some of the “interested” responses to “going” — although my primary tool in accomplishing that is praying that God would remove obstacles from the paths of those He is inclined to work in through this retreat.  I had a lunch meeting with a friend where we talked about the book of Romans and the beauty of God’s grace.  After lunch it was back to retreat work and conversations the rest of the afternoon before finally unwinding and relaxing for the evening.

With no new photos taken today, I’ve included one from last night that was part of the inspiration for my morning prayer song.  As the wind drives the waves over the end of the pier, the water begins to envelop the lighthouse and gives it a good washing.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • Blessings abound if you look for them . . . actually, they abound even if you don’t look for them.
  • Because prayer is communicating with the living God, worship ought to be a natural aspect of prayer.
  • There is no clean like the clean that God can do.
  • Providing information can help people make wise and informed decisions.
  • Even with good information, the best decisions are made by seeking God’s direction and following it.
  • God’s grace is an amazing gift.  
  • Every gift can be used well, or not.  We ought to make every effort to use God’s grace well.
  • When we allow God’s grace to wash over us and envelop us, we find that we can be cleansed whiter than snow.


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