2017: Page 295

Page 295 was the end of our fall break family adventure, so it meant it was time for the unwelcomed drive home.  Our adventure had eventually taken us about 8 hours from home, but rather than drive straight back we decided to take a detour on the way back that would add over an hour of drive time plus whatever additional stops we might make.  One of those stops was at a Perkin’s restaurant where they had a build-you-own trio combo so I chose soup, sandwich, and chocolate pie! 🙂 

We did eventually make it to the area our detour was planned to take us to only to have the one wanting to go there deciding there was nothing they wanted to see.  I still managed to find a few small waterfalls and fall scenes to photograph before we were back on the road to continue our journey home.  We drove toward a beautiful setting sun flanked by a sun dog on each side before it eventually dropped out of sight.  It was replaced by a sliver of moon, so we eventually stopped at a toll road service plaza for a bathroom break and I took a few photos of the moon while we were there.  After arriving home, I took a little time to upload photos to my computer then headed to bed as Monday would come very early with our scheduled pest control visit.

Here are a few more “thousand words” from page 295:


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