2017: Page 291

Page 291 was the end of a short work week and the beginning of a family fall break getaway.  The day began early with the usual prayer, cleaning, and building prep tasks.  As I took the trash out, Venus was shining brightly above the tree line in the eastern horizon.  It wasn’t long before it was followed by a small sliver of the moon being chased by the rising sun.  The rest of the morning was spent taking care of some maintenance tasks and correspondence details before heading home to get ready for our adventure.  

After firing up the pellet grill and making some bacon cheeseburgers for lunch, we hit the road for a long afternoon of driving.  Probably not the best planning to end up going through a major city at 5 PM, but we managed.  As evening was approaching I could see the sun rapidly falling toward the horizon in my rear view mirror.  We weren’t quite going to make it to our destination by sunset, so we made a quick search for a nearby park overlooking the lake so we could get some sunset photos.  While not the best, we found a partial view just as the sun was setting.  We managed a few photos, but it was beautiful to see and watch even with a partiall blocked view.  

As with many of our family adventure pages, I think I’m going to let the photos do most of the speaking for the day and do without the bulletted “lessons and observations” section.

Lake Erie Sunset

Lake Erie Sunset

Lake Erie Sunset

Moon and Venus in the same photo . . . If you look closely enough.

Almost a New Moon

Venus and a “random” star.

Venus Close-Up

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