2017: Page 274

Page 274 was a good day — partly because it was Sunday, partly because I had the opportunity to preach this morning, and mostly because it is a day that the Lord has made!  Last night was a rather restless night as I think I’m trying not to come down with some bug or the other, or at least trying not to admit that I am.  While the night didn’t help a lot with sleep, I was able to run through the main points of my sermon many times throughout the night.  This morning’s sermon came about as I was working on a different sermon — the sermon I now plan to share next week.  As I was reading, I came across the text where Paul writes about Timothy serving with him as a son with his father.  It made me start thinking, both about how Timothy served and about how a child of God ought to serve with their Father.

In keeping with my style of preparation, the outline spelled out the word “CHILD” as we considered some lessons from Timothy’s life and how God would have us serve.  Here are the main points.  The child of God serves . . .

  • Cheerfully
  • Helpfully
  • Intentionally
  • Lovingly
  • Decisively

After the worship gathering, the Sunday school class spent time discussing God’s calling of Abram, the faith of Abram to follow God, and our often-present battle with doubt.  We stopped for lunch on the way home then spent the early part of the afternoon relaxing.  I managed to take some flower and hummingbird photos from the front porch before we decided to drive down to Potato Creek for a family walk . . . and to see what photo opportunities we could find there.  The bald eagles weren’t at the area where we had normally seen them, but midway through our walk I could see two of the perched in a tree all the way on the other side of the lake.  I did manage to zoom in and get a few half-decent photos, but nothing like when I can set up the camera almost underneath them.  Today’s photo as taken as we looked out over the lake from along the trail.  The sun was still fairly high in the sky but the cloud cover gave an appearance similar to sunset.  I always find it peaceful when the clouds and sun are able to reflect off of a still body of water.  I suspect the degree of stillness that I am able to maintain in my life is a determining factor in how well I reflect the presence of God.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • Some days are easier than others to “rejoice and be glad in it”, but God wants us to do so every day.
  • When one part of the body suffers, the rest of it has trouble sleeping. 🙂
  • Restless nights are best spent with the One who can calm the troubled seas.
  • “Serving as a son with his father” probably sounds different to a 9 year old, a 19 year old, and a 90 year old.
  • Some of my best childhood memories are of working with my dad.
  • God’s child will serve cheerfully as we know we are serving the Lord.
  • God’s child will serve helpfully as we live out our calling to help those in need.
  • God’s child will serve intentionally as we set aside good intentions for real intention.
  • God’s child will serve lovingly as we follow the example of Jesus, who showed the full extent of His love by both serving and sacrificing.
  • God’s child will serve decisively as we commit to following Jesus no matter what.
  • Faith will trust God in spite of your doubts.
  • I best reflect the nature of God to the people around me when my inner spirit is at peace with Him.


2 thoughts on “2017: Page 274

  1. Growing up our Pastor and his family were good friends. Pastor Stan was a morning person but the rest of the family not so much. He would wake them up with a loud and cheerful “Rejoice! This is a day the Lord hath made! Rejoice and be glad in it!” The family would grumble as they rolled out of beds and stumbled for the coffee pot. One morning as he did his daily calisthenics, specifically sit-ups, he lay back and realized he had just smashed a pile of puppy poo between the floor and his back. Grumbling about the new puppy, his family turned the tables and encouraged him with “Rejoice! This is a day the Lord hath made! Rejoice and be glad in it!” Although they emphasized “in it”… he had a good laugh about it as did our family when his wife related the story. I always think of that when I hear that phrase!

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