2017: Page 268

Page 268 was our pest control service day, so I was up and out the door even earlier than my usual early morning start time.  The moon is on a cycle that it had already set, so the stars seemed to sparkle that much brighter in the darkness of the morning sky.  At some point I will figure out how to photograph the star-filled night sky, but today was not the day to do that.  My morning prayer, cleaning, and building prep time took place while the pest control tech was also going through the building.  It made me think about the need to be vigilant in not allowing conditions that attract pests and to take the necessary steps to get rid of them if they do show up.  I suspect that if each of us had the same reaction to even the hint of sin in our lives as many do when they see the smallest of bugs, we would do whatever it takes to keep the sin from taking up residence in our life and take measures to remove any trace of it.

Eventually the early morning tasks were taken care of and I was able to settle into the Monday morning prayer guide writing routine.  As I prayed and considered different topics, the idea of honoring God kept coming to mind.  Being sure I have already done a prayer guide on that topic, I kept praying and seeking.  The topic kept lingering in my mind with no other idea seeming to form, so I looked it up and found that I have a prayer guide on honor  that God wants us to show to individuals, but none specifically about the honor that we ought to give God.  Yes, God wants us to honor parents, kingdom workers, leaders, elders, authority, and many others, but all of the honor that goes to them must never be equal to, or greater, than the honor we give God.  The honor that God deserves will always be perfect and supreme — because He is perfect and supreme.  

Once the topic was settled, the rest of the morning was spent in prayer writing the prayer guide introduction and daily points.  Once written, my attention turned to formatting it and scheduling it to be sent out via email and posted on my website on Sunday.  As is my practice, I sent myself a preview of the email so I could proofread it, but it wouldn’t show up in my email inbox.  Thinking I must have done something wrong, I sent it a couple more times with the same result.  So, a quick check with my email service provider and I find that they acknowledge there are “issues” they are working on, they have no idea when it will be restored, and all of their “customer service” channels are unreachable due to the high volume of people wanting to know what’s going on.  Here is an “information technology” business whose technology has failed and they are providing virtually no information — I’m not real sure they remember why they’re in business.  But . . . how often do people observe you and I wearing the name Christian, but see nothing resembling Christ, and wonder if we remember whose we say we are?

By mid-afternoon, I think I managed to get the prayer guide scheduled and ready to send out — though I probably won’t know for sure until I am able to send and receive emails in my primary account again.  After a stop for lunch, I picked up some supplies for work and then headed home to relax and unwind.  By early evening I went outside to see what I could find to photograph and while I was photographing a finch cleaning up some seeds from the sunflower heads, I noticed a hummingbird begin to make its way down the row of zinnias.  Today’s photo is one I caught of the hummingbird perched on the edge of one of the zinnia blossoms.  

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • Until we view sin of any “size” as a problem, we probably won’t be too serious about keeping it out of our life.
  • Our “sin control” procedure needs to work at both preventing and removing sin and the only way to do either of those things is through the power of Christ and His Spirit living in us.
  • God expects us to give honor to whom honor is due and He makes it clear that sometimes that honor is due to a position even when the person occupying that position is less than honorable — the first century Christians, along with us, are instructed in First Peter to “honor the king.”
  • If our honor of anyone or anything ever equals or exceeds our honor of God, we have a serious problem.
  • Honoring God must be more than just words, it must be our way of life.
  • Jesus said, “If you love me, you will keep my commands.”  There is no greater honor that we can show to God than to do what He says.
  • It doesn’t matter a whole lot what label we wear if what’s inside doesn’t match what the label says.


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