2017: Page 262

Page 262 began with thunder storms rolling through the area during the early morning hours.  With comfortable temperatures, there is a pleasant freshness that these summer rains bring with them.  While I thoroughly enjoy the dry, sunny days for outdoor activities, they do have a tendency to allow unseen dust and pollen to float through the air in addition to settling on any available surface.  A good rain from time to time helps to not only refresh the ground, but cleanse the air in the process.  So often, when we think about God showering us with blessings, we think about the good things we want and not necessarily about the cleansing we need.  Just as the rain provides both a nourishment and a cleansing, God wants to shower us with all that is needed to both sustain us and purify us.

One of the things about working in a metal building is that a moderate rain falling on the steel roof causes a sound that is peaceful to me.  As I went about my morning prayer, cleaning, and building prep process, the sound of the rain was a comforting mask to the normal sounds of an empty building.  The rain stuck around for most of my workday as I got caught up on some tasks in the office.  During that time, a poem began to solidify in my mind about the journey of life we all travel so I eventually typed it out and shared it earlier today.  By the time I finished up my work and headed to a late lunch, the rain had stopped but the sky was still filled with very dark clouds.

After lunch I spent some time at home relaxing and checking on some of the retreat option progress.  By early evening it looked like the clouds were beginning to break up, so we took a family trip down to Potato Creek State Park to see if we could find any of the eagles wanting photographed.  The eagles weren’t waiting for us at any of their usual spots, and never did show up, but the lake itself was smooth and reflecting the sun and sky like a well polished mirror.  Today’s photo is one of many I took this evening as I just kept clicking the shutter because the beauty was so great.  As my eyes took it all in, I wanted to capture as much of the detail and nuances of the moments as I could.  

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • I’ve always enjoyed thunder storms even when they wake me up.
  • Rain is rarely a welcomed event until we’ve gone so long without it that we recognize its necessity.
  • The blessings that God chooses to shower us with may not always match our definition of blessings until we understand the necessity of what God gives.
  • We all need times in our life when the showers of blessings from God serve to refresh our dry and thirsty soul.
  • We also need times in our life when the showers of blessings from God serve to cleanse us from the residue of filth which has, perhaps unknowingly, covered us.
  • Sometimes the showers that God sends our way serve to comfort us as they cover the sounds than can frighten us.
  • When God puts words in my mind, particularly as poems, I must either type them out right away or risk losing them.
  • My life’s journey has been greatly improved by the wife and daughter that God has blessed me with.
  • Sometimes there is greater blessing to be had in what we find than in what we were looking for.


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