2017: Page 261

Page 261 began with the usual morning tasks as well as some leftover work from Friday as a maintenance task took more time than expected then.  There have been times when I would have kept working even later when a needed project took up my time, but I am learning to recognize the difference between what needs done now and what can wait if my normal work time is used up with more important tasks.  

Once the building was ready for the day, I was able to settle into my Monday morning prayer guide writing routine.  I don’t know if it was the slight change-up in the morning routine, or what, but it seemed to be a struggle to settle on a topic for the next prayer guide.  As I prayed and spent time in scripture there were plenty of topics that came to mind, but as I would consider them either they just didn’t feel right or I found that I had recently used the topic.  While it took much of the morning, the topic arrived at is an important one — serving others.  Once I had a peace and confidence about the topic, it was time to pray about the daily breakdown of it for the prayer guide.  By early afternoon the prayer guide was written and I turned my attention to formatting and scheduling it to go on my website and be sent out via email on Sunday morning.  

By then the workday was nearly over, so I did some checking on some retreat location possibilities for next year and sent out some inquiries for available dates at a few conference centers that I think would best suit the needs of the Growing Strong retreats.  After finishing up my work for the day, I headed home for a late lunch then spent more time at home working on retreat location options.  By evening, I had received a reply from what I felt was my first choice in location with some date options that, while not my first choice, I felt I could make work.  I turned around and sent in a request for a proposal to cover the dates available and now I wait to see more of the details to make sure the location is both suitable and in a price range that I believe will keep the retreats as affordable as possible.  Hopefully I will know in the next few days so I can add a spring 2018 retreat to the schedule in addition to the fall 2017 one already scheduled for this November 3 -5.

I wrapped up my day with bacon cheeseburgers done on the pellet grill, then spent the evening relaxing with my family before sitting down to write today’s page.  Once again it was a full day with no new photos, so today’s photo is another one from Saturday’s trip to Lake Michigan.  The photo is one of a series I called “The Dog Days of Summer”, as it contains a man and his dog enjoying the waters of Lake Michigan in the late summer sun.  The man and dog are on the shoreline right in the reflection of the sun.  They spent a good amount of time playing together as the dog would fetch a ball thrown out into the water.  Sometimes we just need to step back and learn to enjoy the simple things of life.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • I can’t do everything and the good news is that God doesn’t expect me to.
  • Since I can’t do everything, prioritizing is my friend.
  • Putting off doing something simply because you don’t want to do it is not wise.  Putting it off because there is something more important that needs done is wise.
  • Sometimes things are important but they are not urgent and other times things seem urgent but not important.  Wisdom helps you to find the important urgent things and start with them.
  • Just because something is both important and urgent, doesn’t mean doing it will be easy or even natural — it will often require commitment and perseverance.
  • Sometimes the prayer guide topics that seem the most difficult for me to decide on end up being ones that I wonder what took me so long.
  • The how and why of serving others ought to be a part of our prayer life all the time.
  • Sometimes I take work home with me and I have to be careful not to let it consume me.
  • Some of the simplest things in life can be the most enjoyable when they help us to relax in the presence of God.


2 thoughts on “2017: Page 261

    • Good for you! That’s a good lesson to learn sooner rather than later. 🙂 I’m learning to do better at wisely prioritizing as I’ve experienced too many days in my life when it has felt like I did drown in the demands on my time.

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