2017: Page 250

Page 250 was another day filled with lake effect weather as a cold front passed over the relatively warm waters of Lake Michigan and brought bands of rain with it into the Michiana area.  Fortunately, it is a fall cold front and not a winter one, so the precipitation is rain and not snow.  But it also means it can be raining steady one minute and clear skies with bright sunshine the next.  It was raining when I woke up but by the time I was dressed and out the door the nearly full moon was shining brightly and I was able to get some photos of it.

The morning began with prayer and cleaning — first in the building at work and then at the dentist’s office as I had an appointment to get my teeth cleaned.  As one who is not fond of going to the dentist, that trip may have included even more prayer than my usual morning prayer time connected with the building cleaning and prep.  Speaking of cleaning, I needed supplies so after I left the dentist’s office it was time to do a little supply shopping.  As I was out, I went through several rounds of the heavy rain followed by sunshine routine and it seemed like I was somewhat out of sync as the rain would come as I walked between the stores and my truck and the sunshine would show up as I drove.  

After picking up the things I needed, I took them to the building and spent the rest of the workday continuing the work on the Growing Strong retreats and a couple sermons.  After work I stopped for a late lunch then headed down to Potato Creek to see if it would stay dry outside long enough to capture some cloud photos.  Today’s photo is one of those captures as the clouds hung low over the lake.  Since the eagles weren’t in their usual location, I decided to find a place to set up my tripod to get some time-lapse video of the clouds moving across the lake.  I had just set the camera up to record when I noticed the pair of bald eagles perched in a tree across the lake in a location that I had been unable to see where I had first been.  Sometimes looking at things from a different direction or point of view can be helpful in seeing what would otherwise be missed.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • The weather you experience where you are at is often influenced by things far away from you.  That principle applies to much more than rain and snow.
  • When you experience a break in the storm, you should do what’s necessary to make good use of the time of calm.
  • Prayer goes well with everything — especially those things you’re not real fond of.
  • Sometimes it seems as if your spirit is rained upon in everything you do — keep pressing on to experience the Son shining upon you.
  • When your current perspective doesn’t yield a godly view, maybe it is time to look from a new direction.


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