2017: Page 222

Page 222 was a quiet day spent working on equipment maintenance and prayer retreat content ideas as I waited on follow-up from some service work.  As I headed out of the house for work, the moon was shining brightly in the early morning sky so I shot a few photos.  At work I checked on the progress of some maintenance parts I am waiting on and found that they still have not shipped.  I guess that comes from having equipment that is no longer “current model”, so the parts are not stocked at distributors to be able to send out right away and the manufacturers won’t sell them directly.  Sometimes we get so used to immediate access to everything that we want that we forget how to live with patience.  Many times we need to be reminded of the value of waiting — particularly waiting upon the Lord to not only learn from Him, but to be strengthened by Him.

As I worked in the office, I received a phone call from a service tech to let me know he was on his way to look at a piece of cleaning equipment I have that is not working properly.  So, I got the equipment out and ready for him to look at while I waited for him to arrive.  He was able to diagnose the problem, but had to check on part cost and availability when he got back to his office.  After taking care of some small projects in the building and checking on the programming for our HVAC system now that school has resumed, I spent the rest of the day working on prayer retreat content as I waited to learn the equipment repair options and timetable.  As the afternoon melted away with no call, I wrapped up my workday and headed home.

At home I spent more time working on more of the photos from our Upper Peninsula trip and then took my camera outside to try to photograph the hummingbirds.  I did manage a few photos, but they were hesitant to spend a lot of time at the feeder while I was nearby.  While I was watching for the hummingbirds, I took photos of the flowers around the front of the house.  Today’s photo is of one of the roses that are growing along the porch.  It serves as one of many reminders of God’s creativity and beauty that He continually surrounds us with.  Eventually I set the camera on video mode while I went in and ate lunch/dinner.  After I ate and checked on the video, I found that I did have one hummingbird stop by for a minute while I was away.  

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • Even in the twilight of the early morning hours, God hangs reminders of His faithfulness in the sky to be seen by all who would pay attention.
  • Patience is a trait that God wants us to learn, but few of us seem to desire it.
  • In a society where it seems most things are disposable, we are often too quick to throw out things that still work well.
  • Taking the time to maintain what we have is often more cost-effective in both time and money than constantly throwing out replacing.
  • Most people seem to be enamored with the new but God calls for us to look for the ancient paths and seek the good ways that we would walk in them.
  • The birds of the air seem to be more aware of potential danger than many people are.  We would do well to pay attention to the dangers of temptation that surround us.
  • There is rarely a moment or place, if there is any at all, where we can’t find reminders of God’s beauty and creativity if we would only look for it.


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