2017: Page 210

Page 210 was a Saturday but I was awake in the early morning hours so I started the day by writing Friday’s page.  After the page was written, I went back to sleep for a little while and then spent much of the morning going through photos from my recent conference trip and working at increasing my book’s online presence.  It was fun to look through the photos, both of the walks I would take during the breaks and of the conference sessions themselves, and notice the variety of ways God chooses to reveal Himself to those who would seek Him.

I had been checking on her all morning, and by noon I was able to persuade Susan that it was time to wake up.  After getting her started for the day, I fired up the pellet grill and got the bacon cheeseburgers started for lunch.  I also put on water to boil sweet corn that I anticipated MJ bringing home from market.  My brother grows some of the best sweet corn and what I ended up having for lunch was no exception to that.  Once I had finished off the corn and lunch was over, I spent some time relaxing before we decided to head out to see what we could photograph.

The afternoon/evening took us along the shoreline of Lake Michigan as various news sources were reporting “wild water” that was too dangerous to swim in.  The view across the lake was beautiful and the waves were steadily rolling onto the shore, but they weren’t really all that impressive to me.  I think the bigger issue is that they were creating rip currents that could easily pull those in the water off their feet and under the water’s surface on the way out to deeper water.  Even with the warnings, most of the shoreline areas with beach access were packed with cars and the line getting into the Indiana Dunes State Park was so long we turned around and didn’t enter.  We eventually made it to a small, out of the way park that wasn’t crowded and spent some time photographing the scenes there.  Today’s photo comes from that park as we saw this butterfly clinging to this flowering plant in the midst of a wind that was blowing both back and forth quite vigorously.  It reminded me of God’s instruction to resist that which is evil and cling to that which is good.  Sometimes we are quick to compromise truth and sound doctrine simply because we are not really clinging to either and it seems expedient at the time to let go of what we ought to hold onto.

After photographing the lake scenes and Chicago skyline from the park, we made a quick stop at a nearby Bass Pro Shops where we walked around for a while and left with no new belongings. 🙂  A stop to eat after our store wandering had us back through Michigan City for the sunset at Washington Park.  While the daylight hours are decreasing each day as we head toward fall, the sun still sets late enough that it makes for a long day to photograph it, drive home, and then spend time going through the photos taken because you’re anxious to see how they turned out. 🙂  But that’s what we did and even knowing I needed to be up early to finish cleaning bathrooms and getting the church building ready for the Sunday morning gatherings, I found myself working on photos until after midnight — thus today’s page being written the next morning after I had gone in and gotten my work done.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • I find that when I can’t sleep, there are usually plenty of productive things I can do until I can sleep.
  • They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I suppose the 500+ photos I took at the recent student conference are immensely more valuable than the 6 “pages” I wrote during my conference trip.
  • Being able to “re-see” things through photograph not only reminds me of what I experienced, it usually reveals things I didn’t notice the first time.
  • Tradition and routine are neutral elements on their own — their usefulness depends on whether they serve us or we serve them.
  • Many of the dangers of life can be predicted and warned about but because they don’t always look “that dangerous”, we tend to ignore godly warnings.
  • When the storms of life begin to surround us, it is important that we cling to what is good no matter how intently the winds of the storm try to blow us off our foundation.
  • I never get tired of watching the beauty of the sun setting across a body of water.
  • Sometimes we are driven to finish a task and stay up as long as it takes to do so.  God wants us to be that focused in pursuing Him and finishing that task with faithfulness no matter how long it takes until we can fully rest in His presence.


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