2017: Page 206

Page 206 was another National Student Conference day, which meant early to rise and late to bed. 🙂  The day began with a breakfast conversation about the prayer ministry, but mostly just about prayer.  After breakfast was a time of worship before I tracked down my workshop room so I could get my computer hooked up to the projector in the room and make sure everything was working as it should.  As I did the last minute preparation to teach the workshop on developing a lifestyle of prayer, construction was taking place in the room next door.  To be more accurate, I think it was deconstruction that was taking place as it sounded like a magnified, out of control dentist’s drill being used.  By the time the students began arriving, the noise had quieted down quite a bit but about midway through the workshop it started back up abruptly enough to startle just about everyone.  

As I suspected, while it had the same title as the earlier workshop I taught, and a common theme woven through it, this was a very different presentation.  I focused a lot of the teaching today on some material I have developed on talking first to God, and how to do that in all situations.  While I’m never real sure how God intends to use the teaching that I do, and at times finish teaching with a question in my mind of whether I communicated the things I needed to, I once again received a good amount of positive feedback both after the workshop and throughout the day from those who had attended.  While the compliments aren’t why I teach, they do help me to refine both the content and methods of teaching based on what is reaching people.

By the time the workshop was over, I had received an email that the printing company had accepted my most recent book file submission and was waiting for me to order and review and actual proof copy of the book.  So, after putting my material away from the workshop and checking on the display, I headed back to the dorm to get the proof copies ordered.  The online digital proof looks good but I still need to wait until I have a physical copy of the book in hand before I am willing to finish the publishing process and have a book ready to make available — but, I do believe I am closer to that happening than before. 🙂

Next up for the day was lunch.  Meals have been good times to have conversations with individuals about the ministry and to help them evaluate areas where they can grow in a lifestyle of prayer.  Lunch time included some very good conversations and after lunch was an afternoon break built into the schedule, so I went back to the dorm to work on the conference photos I had taken the day before.  After going through and sharing some of those, I rested for a while before deciding to take a walk before dinner.  As I headed out on my walk, the butterflies were very active among the wildflowers growing alongside the path.  Further along the path I saw a deer out in the soybean field enjoying an afternoon snack.  Today’s photo is one I took as the deer looked up from his eating to see what the sound was behind him.  I managed to take several photos of him as he was grazing before he snorted loudly and took off across the field.  I continued my walk down the path for about a mile and a half before turning around and heading back to the dorm.  On my way back, I saw three bucks further out in a different field as they too were enjoying a late afternoon snack.  It seems that most of the time I can snap a few photos before they decide I really am watching them.  When they look up, it’s as if they realize they can see me but aren’t sure if I see them.  I suspect they have many people go by on a daily basis that never realize what all they are walking past.

After my walk I cleaned up for dinner and then had some more good conversations before, during, and after dinner.  Dinner was followed by an evening worship time before I headed back the dorm to write today’s page and then get some sleep so I’m ready for tomorrow.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • One of the things I like most about representing Impact Prayer Ministry at conferences and conventions is that people want to talk about prayer.
  • Another thing I like about the conferences and conventions that I go to, is they usually have a lot of planned worship times for the group to participate in.
  • Even when you plan ahead for the things that you have some degree of control over, there are often things that come up that you have no control of.  How you respond to those things usually says a lot about you.
  • Teaching for the applause of people is a dangerous thing, but so is ignoring feedback from those you teach.
  • Some things in life are complicated and difficult but you will never complete them unless you keep at it until they are finished.
  • We would do well to live with a watchful eye at all times because the enemy is constantly watching us for an opportunity to catch us unaware of his traps.
  • I greatly enjoy unstructured worship times when I can just spend time with God wherever I am.
  • Did I say how much I enjoy the planned corporate worship times at the conferences and conventions I attend? 🙂


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