2017: Page 161

Page 161 finished out the week with a day of rest — or at least a day that included less work than an average weekday does.  I woke up at my usual early morning hour and thought about doing some writing, but I decided the day’s theme was rest so I went back to sleep.  When I did finally get up, I headed downstairs to check messages and see what news my social media accounts would bring my way.  

Susan was still sleeping with no interest of waking up, so I went through another day’s photos from our recent vacation.  I don’t know if I stand crooked, hold my head at an angle, or just hold the camera in some position other then level, but I find that most of my photos need straightened just a little bit to make them look more like they should.  I checked on Susan throughout the morning, thinking that perhaps we would resume our summer Saturday morning zoo trips, but she needed the rest even more than I did and had no interest in waking up.  So, I did a little prep for my niece’s wedding that I’ll officiate in a few weeks and sent some suggested assignments to her. 🙂

By the time morning was nearly gone, Susan decided to get up so I helped her get her breakfast around and then I fired up the pellet grill to make lunch.  Most of us had ribeye steak, but MJ wanted a hamburger so I put one of those on the grill as well.  After lunch I sat on the front porch for a while trying to photograph some hummingbirds.  I eventually caught one at the feeder and then found one that was more interested in what it could get from the pine tree.  By late afternoon, we decided a family outing was in order so we headed to Bonneyville Mill Park to shoot some photos.  Today’s photo is from the park with a view of one of the barns and the windmill.  While windmills are making a comeback in some areas to generate electricity, it wasn’t all that long ago that nearly every farm had one in order to harness the power of the wind to pump water from the well under its base.  

After our visit to the park, we stopped at The Chief in Goshen for some wonderful ice cream and then picked up a few items from Sam’s Club on our way home.  All in all, while I did get a few tasks done that may be considered work, it was a rather restful day.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • Planning a day of rest is different than actually having one, but it is not likely you will have one unless you plan for it.
  • Rest will usually require that you say no to some good things.
  • Knowing that you need to make small corrections is a good thing.  Knowing what to do so those corrections are not necessary is even better.
  • For me, rest doesn’t always mean that I don’t do anything; but it does mean that I guard myself from becoming too involved in tasks larger than anticipated.
  • Sometimes what you are looking for isn’t where you are looking.  Being aware of your surroundings help you to see things that “tunnel vision” keeps you from noticing.
  • Not all ideas are bad just because they are old.  Sometimes they just need some updating and re-purposing to make the concept useful in today’s culture.
  • A good day of rest doesn’t cure all discouragement, but if the rest is spent with God it goes a long way toward restoring a right spirit.


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