2017: Page 156

Page 156 was back to a somewhat normal Monday routine, except school is out for the summer.  While I was still woke up at my usual school-year wake up time, I was able to go back to sleep for a little while and feel more rested when I did get up and go to work.  While there was no need for the daily cleaning of the bathrooms and hallways, I did begin my day with a walk-through to make sure nothing needed attention following yesterday’s church service.  I took care of some minor issues and then turned my attention to the Monday routine of seeking God for direction regarding next week’s prayer guide.

As I spent time in Scripture and prayer, I considered several topics before finally settling on the topic of having God’s protection.  While there is precedent in Scripture for praying about our physical protection, God’s Word seems to put much more emphasis on praying about a protection of our faith, and of our soul, from the evil one.  In fact, Jesus tells us that we will face trouble in this world so the protection we pray for isn’t necessarily to avoid all trouble, but to remain faithful through the trouble.  When bad things happen to good people, it is important that our heart, mind, and spirit are protected from the lies of the enemy who wants us to believe God has somehow failed.  Yes, we pray that God would protect us from harm, and many times He does just that.  But we also pray that God would protect us from heading down a path of sin when circumstances aren’t what we expect and harm comes our way.

Once the prayer guide was written, I turned my attention to doing some preparation for the Impact Prayer Ministry display I will have at the North American Christian Convention in a few weeks.  After doing inventory and realizing my book supply was quite low, I ordered copies of all eight of the books I have written and published.  These books, along with prayer ministry information and resources, will be shared with individuals at the convention who will use them to grow in their relationship with God through prayer.  With eight titles now in print, the restocking of my supply for a convention can become rather costly but I continue to trust God to provide the resources that allows me to freely share what He has given.

Before I knew it, the afternoon was nearly over and I hadn’t even made it to lunch!  As I left work, I decided that it was late enough that lunch would be skipped as it wasn’t long before it would be dinner time.  At home, I relaxed a little bit before firing up the pellet grill to get some chicken started for dinner.  After dinner, I took my camera out on the porch and snapped a few photos of a hummingbird and the roses.  Today’s photo is of a yellow rose bud that captured my attention with its color and beauty.  

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • For me, adjusting a routine takes time so I have to consider if the change will provide a benefit that outlasts the time required for it to take place.
  • I don’t like surprises, so it is always good to find out early about things that need done. 
  • It is better to check on potential problems and find none than not to check and discover later that there are problems.
  • Being protected from physical harm is a good thing.  Being protected from spiritual disaster is an even better thing.
  • You typically don’t know for sure what you have, or don’t have, until you stop and count.  That’s true for God’s blessings just as much as it is for books in inventory.
  • Giving away books is not only something that God has convicted me to do, it has become an act of faith that helps me to grow in my trust of Him.
  • God continually captivates me with both the simplicity and complexity of creation.


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