2017: Page 146

Page 146 began with some sunrise photos then we headed out in search of some dolphin to photograph.  We have usually found them to be rather playful under the pier at the Fort De Soto park, so we made the drive down to see what we could find.  Unfortunately, we found no sign of dolphin at the park nor in the waterways leading up to, and surrounding, the park.  There was, however, plenty to photograph and enjoy during our visit.  It seems the cold front that brought the high winds and storms on Wednesday stirred up the water so that it is still full of suspended sand and dirt, keeping the dolphin more mobile as they search for food.  

After visiting the park, we stopped at a “beach store” so I could buy a kite to fly on the beach.  There is usually enough of a breeze coming in off the water to put a kite in the air and relax as it soars overhead.  After a very good seafood lunch, they brought the seafood combo platter out on a half-sheet cookie tray, we went to the beach where I was able to literally go fly a kite. 🙂  Eventually we took a break from the beach and went swimming in the pool before grilling hamburgers for dinner.  Hearing Christians tear down the authority of God’s Word as not being applicable, or not being understood correctly, made more sense as I watched the posted rules at the pool being disregarded and heard a child explaining to her mom why the rules didn’t apply to what she was doing.  Eventually a group of women showed up with speech that was entirely inappropriate for any setting, but being surrounded by children and adults didn’t seem to bother them.

Today’s photo kind of fits that mindset.  I found the birds standing on top of the sign to be interesting, but more telling of our culture is that the sign sets the boundaries for where swimming is allowed in the park.  Not that it made a lot of difference as there were people swimming all along the shoreline in either direction from the sign.  The first temptation to mankind was the serpent asking, “Did God really say?”.  The enemy continues to use that same question because it works so well.  As a culture we believe we are so much smarter than any generation prior to us, so we “know” God really didn’t say what the generations before us have believed He said.  Yes, it is possible to become Pharisaical in regards to legalism being the way to God, but it is also just as dangerous to empty the Word of God of its power which is the only way to be saved.  The same Jesus that said, “Your sins are forgiven.” also said, “If you love me, you will keep my commands.”  Perhaps we would do well to pay more attention to the little things that lead us into a lifestyle of disobedience before we find our self disobeying the “weightier matters”.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • Just because something worked in the past, doesn’t mean it will work today — but it might, so it still may be worth trying.
  • When circumstances change so that what you are trying doesn’t work, it is time to find out what does work.
  • Sometimes we all need to just “go fly a kite”.  Find something that is enjoyable and relaxing and just take the time to do it.
  • Little things matter because they reveal our heart.
  • Disobedience can easily become a lifestyle if we don’t put effort into taking every thought captive to the Word of God.
  • Choosing to obey ought to be a response of love toward a God who first loved us.


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