2017: Page 131

I was tired Wednesday night, so after the building cleared out I closed it up and headed home instead of cleaning.  That meant page 131 began early as I needed to do the cleaning and prep to get the building ready for the day.  It was another restless night but I was up a little before the alarm went off so I got dressed and made my way to work.  As I started a cup of coffee in my office, a deer walked by my window.  I haven’t seen many of the deer since the trees and brush have leafed out, so it was good to see this one even though it was too dark outside to photograph.

After the building was cleaned and ready for students to arrive, I finally had time to format and schedule next week’s prayer guide to be published on Sunday.  While I finally finished the writing of it yesterday, it has been a crazy week as far as any resemblance to my normal schedule and routine.  I guess not taking Thursday off actually becomes fitting for this not so normal week.  By mid-morning the work on scheduling the prayer guide for both email and web site publishing was complete so I turned my attention to making a list of some supplies that I was out of or would soon need.  Before that list was complete a poem showed up in my mind, so I typed it out and published it online before finishing the list.When   Susan wanted to go with me to pick up supplies so we made a quick stop at the zoo.  School field trips are in full swing so it was kind of crazy, but we made it in and Susan got to say hello to her animal friends before we went to Sam’s Club for supplies.  After we had the supplies I needed, we had lunch for two at the Sam’s Club cafe before heading home and calling it a day as far as work was concerned.  Seven hours wasn’t bad for a day off. 🙂  

I did a little bit of relaxing during the early afternoon but eventually we made our way to Potato Creek to do some walking and photo taking.  Today’s photo caught the reflection of the clouds, turtle, and tree stump on the stillness of a calm lake.  When it comes to seeing what’s above, the more still the water, the more clear and detailed the reflection.  Kind of sounds to me like our life in Christ.  The more still we are as we live in the presence of the Almighty, the more detailed the reflection of what’s above is seen in our life.  

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • When the mind wants to run at a different speed than the body, I need to take advantage of the times when both are willing to rest.
  • God gives me many scenes and experiences that are meant to be shared, but sometimes He makes His presence known in ways that are just for me.
  • For a guy that likes to “just go with the flow” in so many things, I sure do thrive on routine.
  • Sometimes it is more important to get a task done when needed than getting it done when planned.
  • Often it doesn’t take a huge investment of time or money to make a child’s day.
  • If people can’t see Jesus reflected in you, maybe you need to take time to be still.

A Reflective Moment

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