2017: Page 118

Page 118 was a Friday, so I headed into work early to get the day started with the usual cleaning and building prep.  It also made it a perfect week of having lights left on all night somewhere in the building that I turned off as I made my morning rounds each day.  With the sun rising earlier each day, it now comes up in the middle of my morning cleaning time.  So, after turning out lights that didn’t need to be on, I set my camera up outside to do another time-lapse recording of the sunrise while I worked.  There was a good assortment of clouds moving through the sky, so the video turned out quite beautiful.  In addition to the morning cleaning, I also spent time working on the HVAC controls as the outside temperature had dropped enough that I needed to switch the system back to heating mode from the cooling mode it needed just a couple days ago.

Once the building was ready for the day, I turned my attention to my work for Sunday’s sermon.  As I finished up the outline and settled on some of the supporting texts that I will use, I sent the sermon info and a ministry description to the office for Sunday’s bulletin and sent the outline and text references to the worship and tech team to help as they also prepare for Sunday.  By mid-afternoon I reached a point where it felt like progress wasn’t being made on the sermon so I took a break to get lunch and take a walk.  The walk part of the break took me to Potato Creek where I was able to photograph some osprey and herons, as well as a variety of flowers and landscape scenes which show the beauty of the park.  The eagles did not make an appearance while I was there, but it was still a beautiful afternoon.

Once my break was over, it was back to the building to wrap up the sermon work that I left in progress and then work at the cleaning and prep needed to get the building ready for Sunday.  As I finished up the office part of my sermon prep, it was time to start cleaning where I could continue to work on the flow of the outline through my mind.  There was a small group in the building that would be there very late, so after getting the end of the building cleaned that they wouldn’t be using, I decided to call it a day and come back to clean the other end sometime before Sunday School begins on Sunday.  As I walked out of the building, the sun was setting in the west and there was small segment of a rainbow in the east.  By the time I walked to my truck and was able to get my camera out of my bag, the rainbow had disappeared but the sky was still begging to be photographed.  Today’s photo is of the sunset trying to break through a hole in the cloud-covered sky.  The colors  in the sky from one horizon to the other were astounding but impossible for me to catch all of it in a photo.  On the hillside opposite the sunset were my deer friends, grazing on the play field lawn with the sky lit up all around them in a variety of subtle pastel shades.  The scene made me glad I had decided to go home earlier than planned, otherwise I would have completely missed this particular blessing.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • Habits are powerful.  We have the choice, though, to develop habits which control us in unhealthy ways or habits which we control for our good.
  • As summer approaches, God adds a little more light each day.  How are you and I doing at adding a little more of God’s light each day into a dark world that needs to see His light?
  • Some days are a battle between efficiency and comfort.
  • Many days, however, are a battle between effectiveness and comfort.  Too often we choose comfort over being effective.
  • A prayer of faith is always about God and seeking His will rather than about us and convincing God to endorse our plans.
  • God desires that we seek Him with our whole being, not just when it fits our schedule.
  • Seeking, and finding, God can be accomplished anywhere as long as we seek Him with our whole heart.
  • Sometimes disrupted plans simply feel disruptive.  Other times we see more clearly how God works for our good even when things don’t go as we expected.
  • Faith believes not only that God exists, but that He rewards those who diligently seek Him.



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