2017: Page 107

Page 107 was the official work start of what will be a long week.  Not that the week has more than the usual seven days, but I have a lot to get done through the first part of the week so I am ready for the upcoming weekend when I’ll have an Impact Prayer Ministry display at the Michigan Christian Convention.  My day began as a typical Monday often does, up early and headed into work to get the daily cleaning and building prep done before the start of the school day.  It was a busy morning as I not only did the necessary cleaning, I also finished the writing of yesterday’s page before settling into the Monday morning routine of spending time with God putting together the next weekly prayer guide.

As I was cleaning, the view out of a couple different windows made it look like the sunrise would be worth setting up my camera to time-lapse record it.  As I set my camera up, a deer was standing along the edge of the woods watching what I was doing.  It was still in the twilight time between dark and light and she kept an eye on me to see if I was one she could trust.  Today’s photo was taken as my deer friend watched me and before she moseyed down to the far end of the lawn where she continued to observe my movements.  Trust is a tough thing to build whether it is with animals or people.  It is even more difficult to regain it once something has been done that breaks that trust.

Once the building was ready for the day, it was time to see what God would put into my mind for next week’s prayer guide.  As I spent time in prayer, two things seemed to stick in my mind — the second primarily the result of the first.  I had been told last week that CJ would likely be preaching from the book of Daniel this next Sunday.  That information likely led to the old Sunday School song, “Dare To Be a Daniel”, being stuck in my head.  As I prayed with those two pieces of information rolling around in my head, the idea of a “Dare To Be a Daniel” focus began to form in my mind.  As I spent time in the word, I found that there are six characteristics that Nebuchadnezzar looked for in bringing back young Hebrew men to Babylon after he had laid siege against Jerusalem.  Given that I always encourage people to pray on Sundays for the preaching and teaching that takes place within the local church, the six characteristics fit well into the remaining days of the week for the prayer guide.

The morning was gone by the time I finished the prayer guide and had it formatted and scheduled to go out next Sunday.  My early afternoon hours were spent working on some things for the prayer ministry display and starting to get things put together for the convention.  By mid-afternoon it was time to head home and get some lunch before back-filling the trench I had dug on Saturday.  It seemed like filling the trench in was almost as much work as digging it was.  It was a beautiful afternoon to work on some outside projects at home as well as eventually fire up the pellet grill to fix some bacon cheeseburgers for dinner.  As I finish up the writing of today’s page, it will soon be time to call it a day and get some rest to prepare for another day tomorrow.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • While some days or weeks seem longer than others, they all have the same amount of time in them.  How we use that time determines how long, or short, it feels.
  • Finishing a task makes the rest of the tasks on the “to-do” list seem more manageable.
  • Careful, and even casual, observation goes a long way in helping us see the wonder that God creates and puts on display every day.
  • Doing the right thing depends more on the commitment to do so than on the circumstances we find ourselves in.
  • If you’re going to take a dare, why not make it a dare to represent God in all you do.
  • Finishing a project can be as difficult as beginning and while both stages bring their own form of satisfaction, it is the satisfaction of finishing that lasts.
  • Beginning a walk with God is a very satisfying thing but finishing life still walking with God will bring the greatest satisfaction imaginable.


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