2017: Page 105

Page 105 was a Saturday with summer-like weather.  So much so that I even broke the shorts out by the end of the day for a family walk.  I managed to sleep in a little bit, but once I was up I began my day with my morning coffee and some time with my friends list on social media.  Even though there is so much trash that I have to sort through, staying connected online still works well for me.  

With the beautiful weather today, I didn’t stay inside very long.  After finishing my coffee, I put on my work boots and headed outside with my figurative ditch-digger hat on.  The ground where I live is heavy clay and therefore doesn’t absorb water well.  A few years ago, I had fashioned a dry well where my sump pump empties to help absorb the water it pumps out.  That had quit functioning so it was time to try something different.  I dug the gravel out of the dry well and then dug a fifty foot trench down the slope of the lawn.  By the time I had dug the trench, the morning was nearly gone so I fired up the pellet grill to begin to cook a turkey for dinner.  As the turkey cooked, I spent the afternoon getting supplies and lining the trench with gravel before laying in a four inch drainage tile to extend the drainage capacity of the restored dry well.  

By late afternoon the turkey was done and I was done for.  I pulled the turkey off the pellet grill and let it set before eventually slicing it for dinner.  It was a good bird and after we had eaten, we headed to the river for a family walk to finish out the day.  Today’s photo was taken on that walk as I admired the beauty God had dressed this flower with.  

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • Sometimes it is easy, and often tempting, to throw out the baby with the bath water when it come to using technology.
  • There is a lot of garbage online, but also a lot of good connection opportunities.  Which you spend your time with is your choice.
  • Sometimes things that worked for a time no longer function the way they were meant to.  
  • Redesigning a plan is often more productive than simply giving up.
  • Sometimes redesigning isn’t enough and we have to replace what isn’t working.
  • Some things only turn out well if you give them enough time to be completed at the proper pace.  Not everything can, nor should, be rushed.
  • Even after a long day of hard work, it is relaxing to spend time out walking with my family.
  • God’s care for His creation is so obvious to me that I am constantly reminded of His care for me.


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