2017: Page 77

Friday night ended up being later night at work than I had anticipated as I went back and forth between cleaning and writing.  I have been having issues with my cell phone where it would shut off when I would answer it, or I couldn’t hear the person calling even though they could hear me.  My mom called this week and the phone wouldn’t let me answer the first time she called, so I decided it was time to get a new phone.  So, after I got home late last night I spent some time trying to get the service transferred from my old phone to a new one.  That meant that page 77 technically began with growing frustration as the transfer process didn’t seem to be going well.  I finally decided it wasn’t going to do what it should and with no way to contact tech support at that hour, it was time for me to get some sleep.  

With page 77 being a Saturday, not only did my schedule allow me to sleep in but my being up so late helped the sleeping in to actually happen.  When I finally woke up, I checked on the phone and even though it said the transfer was in process, more time had passed than what they had estimated on the website.  The good news is that I was within the tech support hours of operation and I could chat with them about what was going on.  It took most of the morning but I finally got a commitment that the transfer would be complete and I could use my new phone by 11:58 my time.  11:58 came and went and my old phone went off-line, which they said would be the sign the new one was ready to use, but the new phone still wasn’t working.  So, it was back to the tech support chat which said there was a 20 minute wait.  Instead of waiting, I called the tech support phone number which had an automated message saying the next available agent would return my call after at least a half hour wait.  So it was back to the online chat which gave the same nice spiel about the transfer being in process and I should wait until my old phone quits working.  I explained my old phone quit over two hours ago at this point and response is that he will have to connect me with a different agent who is a specialist in this area.  After a number of messages to wait, that he is waiting for a response from the other agent, I am told I will have to call their tech support phone number and have them handle the issue.  I make the call and get put on the list for the callback, which they eventually do.  I once again get the same story that the transfer is in process and I need to wait until my old phone no longer has service.  I explain that has been several hours ago now and he finally begins the troubleshooting process on their end to see how to make my new phone work.  After being on the phone with him for half an hour, we finally had success and my phone is working — I think as it should.

It probably would have been easier to start fresh.  To throw out the old phone and activate the new with a fresh number and service.  But that would have come with its own set of problems.  It would have required a new phone number which the people who use the old one wouldn’t know without work on my part.  It would have meant losing all of my minutes and data allowance that I have paid for.  I could have avoided the set of problems I ended up dealing with if I had been willing to accept the known limitations of doing so.  But by facing the unknown and dealing with it, I was able to move forward with an eventual better result all around.  

With another overcast and drizzly day, today’s photo is from a couple days ago.  To me it’s a picture of balance and the work involved in staying in balance.  It was a breezy day and this bird was clutching the twig with one claw while fanning out its tail to provide balance while it reached to reposition its footing while munching on fresh leaf buds that it discovered along the branch.  Sometimes we fall because we think we have used all resources available to us in maintaining balance.  More often we fall because we’ve not used the resources God has promised and provided to us through His Son.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • Sometimes we continue doing things that aren’t working simply because we don’t want to make the effort to do what does work.
  • Often it is not until something fails at a time we counted on it that we begin to realize it hasn’t been working all along.
  • Change takes work no matter how we go about it.  We would do well to work in such a way that the benefit of our effort is greatest for everyone.
  • Sometimes we need a fresh start.  Sometimes we choose a fresh start because we don’t want to do the work required to actually change.
  • One size fits all rarely fits all.
  • Keep doing the same thing while expecting different results may be the definition of insanity, but most of us find it far more comfortable to do that than to admit we are wrong about something.
  • Living a balanced life may seem difficult and even impossible, but we’ve not used all of our resources until we’ve trusted God to bring true balance.


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