2017: Page 51

Page 51 wrapped up a three day weekend adventure with my family as the school and preschool had today off for Presidents Day.  We began the day at Turkey Run State Park and then made our way via a covered bridge stop to Cataract Falls at the Lieber State Recreation Area.  This was a beautiful stop as it contains the largest waterfall by volume in Indiana, as well as a covered bridge close enough to the falls to get them both in a photo.  After time spent shooting photos there, we headed down to McCormick’s Creek State Park for lunch and some photos of the waterfall in the park.  Eventually it was time to head home but not without a few more covered bridge stops on our way.  As the sun began to set on the day, and on our weekend adventure, we arrived at Adams Mill where we took some photos of the mill, the mill grounds, and a covered bridge crossing the creek the mill is powered by.  Today’s photo seemed fitting for the Presidents Day page as the mill’s founder, John Adams, shared a name with an early US president.

With three stops at state recreational properties today, it should be clear that we enjoy the state park and recreational system throughout Indiana.  I know people who believe that no public funding should be used for “non-essential” services such as parks and recreation property.  I would guess that such people have never made use of these properties in a way that shows them to be essential to them as they are to so many.  For me to visit so many different parks and find unique beauty within each of them, I am thankful that each element of natural beauty has been preserved so they are not destroyed by commercialization or simple “progress”.  Yes, there needs to be a balance and wasteful spending is never appropriate whether it is done by a government entity, or by you and I.  How we choose to use our resources, and what we support the use of public funds to be used for, says a lot about how we view ourselves, others, and even God.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • The urgent will always want done and often clamors for your attention while the important always needs done but rarely demands that you give it the priority it deserves — you must make that choice.
  • Because life is but a series of moments strung together with little or no warning as to which moment is the last, it would do us well to make the most of the moment we currently live in.
  • While patience is a part of the fruit of God’s Spirit, it seems to be a lost part . . . or God’s Spirit isn’t as active in the lives of people as it ought to be.
  • I lost track of  how many people pulled out in front of me today causing me to slow down, sometimes drastically, to avoid hitting them.  While it is easy to say they need to learn patience, I found that I quickly lost patience with them for inconveniencing me — perhaps patience needs worked on all around.
  • God has always called His people to look out for the good of our fellow man even if doing so doesn’t directly benefit us.
  • Wisdom and generosity are important characteristics that need to work together as we serve others.


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