2017: Page 41

Page 41 was a day that contained a bit of routine and a good dose of unexpected.  It began with the routine part — the early morning cleaning and building prep.  As I was cleaning, the first element of the unexpected appeared as I got word of a classroom that was cold.  After the cleaning was done and the trash taken out, I spent time working on the heating system — not sure if I helped it much, but I’ll keep an eye on it over the next few days to see if the improvements hold.  

As I settled into some morning tasks in the office, a friend stopped by in need of some help.  So I set aside what I had planned on doing and headed out to help a friend in need.  We spent some time catching up, and I provided what help I could, before we parted ways.  As I went on my way, I decided there was more help I could give even after we had each gone our own way.  So, I headed out to spend some time walking and praying for my friend.  As I prayed, I realized that each way of helping was as necessary as the other.  Because I had the opportunity, being able to physically help with my presence was just as important as praying and praying was just as important as physically helping.  To have done either one without doing the other would have left the task partially undone.

After my time of walking and praying, I headed home for lunch and spent the afternoon relaxing as the building is in use tonight and I’ll have to wait and do my cleaning and prep for the weekend sometime tomorrow or early Sunday morning.  As the day came to an end, I headed out to take a few photos of the full moon before sitting down to write today’s page.  Instead of one of the moon photos, today’s photo is a close-up of some snowflake clusters that dotted the surface of a frozen wetland area.  Seeing the crystal formations reminds me of the creativity of God and the uniqueness that exists, not only in each snowflake, but in each person on this earth.  Recognizing that each person around us has been created in God’s image, but in a slightly different way from one another, should help us to always value the people around us.  Keeping that in mind also leads to a greater openness in trying to understand those that are different from us.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • I love routine but God continues to teach me how to handle life when it isn’t routine.
  • Small adjustments and consistent monitoring can keep a heating system temperature from swinging too far one way or the other.
  • Once we’ve fully surrendered to God, that same concept of small adjustments and consistent monitoring is also a good plan to keep us centered in our relationship with God.
  • How we respond to the needs of people probably says a lot more about us than it does about them.
  • Prayer is powerful and effective and sometimes the only opportunity we have to help someone is to pray for them.
  • Prayer is always appropriate help, but if we have the opportunity to do good and choose not to, our prayers have done little to change us.
  • Taking the time to try to understand someone goes a long way toward creating a willingness to help them.
  • When we think everyone is like us, or should be like us, we often put limits on who we will help — limits that God never intended for us to  have.

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