2017: Page 18

It is Wednesday, so I’m writing page 18 as I wait for the building to clear out after Bible study classes.  Once the building is empty, I can put in my second shift of the day as I do the daily cleaning and scrub floors to have the building ready for tomorrow.  Today was another overcast, drizzly day which somehow makes the day feel even longer than it is.  On my way to work this morning a car in front of me turned right on red, made an immediate u-turn, then turned right again in order to continue in his original direction.  I’m pretty sure that somehow doing so made him feel better than actually running the red light but I don’t think it was any more legal than if he had gone straight through.  

When I got to work it was time to plunge toilets, clean, and take out trash before the start of the school day.  Some mornings the daily cleaning and building prep is rather routine and other mornings . . . well, other mornings are a challenge to have everything done before the students arrive.  With the Christian Camp Leaders Conference fast approaching, I turned my attention to continued preparation for that once the building was ready for the day.  As I planned for the Impact Prayer Ministry display that I will have set up at the conference, I started going through the storage tubs of the display materials I brought back from the last conference.  Much of it was things that I needed to reorganize and put back to take with me, but some of it was things that I had picked up at the previous conference from other displays that interested me.  Given that the last conference was mid-November and I’m just now coming across the material I picked up, I probably need to come up with a different approach to bringing back material that I’m interested in — at least if I want to go through it in a timely fashion.

Knowing that today would be a long day, by mid-afternoon it was time to take a break and get some lunch.  After lunch I decided to head back down to Potato Creek to get some fresh air and exercise in spite of the drizzly day.  Today’s photo was taken as the water flows from a small spring-fed pond into the lake.  It doesn’t matter what season or temperature, there is always water flowing over the small dam that contains the pond.  Even in the middle of winter, there are green plants and moss that grow because of the consistency of both the water flow and the water temperature.  Once I had finished my hike, it was back to the building where I did some “freshening up” through the building before the Bible study classes.  Once the building clears out, I will spend a few more hours here cleaning and running the floor scrubber before calling it a day and heading home.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • We often live life in such a hurry that we tend to make decisions based on what is expedient rather than on what is right.
  • God examines the heart.  Not only does He perfectly know the intent of His laws, He perfectly knows the intent of our heart.
  • Does my disobedience to God’s laws bother me as much as a stranger’s disobedience to man’s laws?
  • Do I live with a “whatever it takes” attitude when it comes to cleaning the filth from my life, or do I become content with “good enough”?
  • Needing reminders so we don’t forget important things is not something negative.  In fact, it’s God’s idea — i.e. rainbow, Passover meal, Lord’s Supper, etc.
  • Continual growth is created by consistency when we find, and remain in, an environment that feeds and nourishes our soul.  


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