2017: Page 7

Page 7 was the first Saturday of 2017 and winter has settled in with some very cold temperatures.  After months of not sleeping well, I woke up this morning surprised that it was actually morning and I had evidently slept through the night.  Rather than actually getting up though, I went back to sleep and slept in later than I have in a very long time.  It felt good to wake up rested and begin a relaxing day with my family.  What was left of the morning was spent at my computer going through email and social media posts, as well as playing a few computer games.  

By mid-afternoon, the air temperature had finally made it into double digits so even with wind chills at zero or below, we headed out to Lake Michigan to shoot some photos. 🙂  Our first stop was Washington Park in Michigan City, Indiana where we spent time on the beach photographing the lighthouse and ice-covered shoreline.  When we arrived, the sky was filled with thick cloud cover and the frozen landscape under the overcast sky contained a beauty could only be seen under such conditions.  It wan’t long though, until the clouds began to break up and the sun began to shine through with patches of blue sky behind it.  Today’s photo was taken during that process as the beams of sunlight began to flow around the edges of the clouds over a snow-dusted sand dune.  

After some time out in the bitter cold, we got back in the truck to warm up as we made our way along the lakefront toward New Buffalo, Michigan.  We drove by many lakefront homes and through neighborhoods that appeared to primarily be summer residences.  On our way, a deer crossed the road in front of us and joined some of her friends who were already enjoying the landscape shrubs at one of the homes.  The sun was beginning to set when we arrived in New Buffalo, so we bundled back up and went out into the cold to take some more photographs.  Through all of it, Susan stayed in the truck to keep warm and seemed content to just ride along and enjoy the afternoon as a family.  When we got home and was ready to eat, Susan prayed before the meal and thanked God for the “fun day” and specifically mentioned she had fun at the beach. 🙂  She is such a good person and brings so much joy to us and everyone who knows her.  It makes me feel good to hear her pray and be thankful for a fun day.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • Sometimes our body and mind gives us clear signals that we need rest.  It is a good idea to listen to those signals.
  • The value of family time is easily underestimated, but never overestimated.
  • God’s desire is to make Himself known to His children.  If we seek Him, we will find Him when we seek Him with our whole heart.
  • The creativity and wonder of God can be found in the bitter cold, as well as in the extreme heat and any weather in between.
  • Gratitude is an attractive quality in any person.
  • A person’s limited physical and/or mental ability in no way limits their ability to be used greatly by God. 


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