2016: Page 347

I suppose if page 347 has a theme, it is snow.  By the time I went to bed last night, the school and preschool had been called off for today so I took advantage of the snow day and slept in.  When I got up, I checked my social media feeds for messages and info then went out to see if my snowblower would start.  It started right up on the first pull, so I worked at clearing the snow from my drive at home.  Once I had that done, I headed into work to see if my work snowblower would start so I could take care of the walks there.  It has an electric start so I don’t have to pull the starter rope, but one push of the button and it fired right up as well.  The rest of the morning was spent clearing the walks around the building and then doing the sidewalks along the road for the full width of the property.  Those typically require a slower speed as the snow is both deeper and wetter from the accumulations the snowplows throw from the roadway. 

Once the snow work was done for the day, I went in to see if I could get display space reserved for the prayer ministry at next year’s International Conference on Missions.  I had the floor plan for the exhibit area and had picked out a couple locations that I thought would have a good traffic flow.  When registration was supposed to begin, I followed the link they had sent me but it would continually come back with an error and not take me to the exhibit registration page.  By the time I discovered that they were giving direct links to the registration page to people who were reporting on their Facebook page that the website wasn’t working, enough people had used those links that the locations I wanted were already gone. 😦  I eventually chose an exhibit location and decided that God has a greater ability to bring people to my display than even having the right location could.  So, I settled for what I could get and will continue to pray that God uses Impact Prayer Ministry’s presence at conferences such as ICOM to reach people that want to grow in their relationship with Him through prayer.

Page 347 was a Monday, so while my schedule was rearranged, I still spent time in prayer working on the prayer guide for next week.  As I prayed about some of the options for the week leading up to Christmas Day, I eventually settled on redoing one that I’ve used for several Christmases that will focus on the names, titles, and/or descriptions that were given to God’s Son as the prophets foretold His coming to earth to live as one of us.  Even the name Jesus, which we probably have become so familiar with that we don’t think about its meaning, is a reminder that God’s Son has come to save us from our sins.  

After I had the prayer guide ready for next week, I headed home as the sun began to peek through the clouds.  With the sun making an appearance, we decided to head down to Potato Creek for a family waist management hike and to see what photo opportunities we could find.  As we drove to the park, the clouds returned and the bright sunshine that we were hoping would illuminate some photos had disappeared.  We first stopped in the area where the eagles are most likely to be seen, but they were no where in sight.  We drove through the rest of the park before stopping to see if I could push Susan’s wheelchair through the snow that covered the trails.  It took some work but it was possible, so we headed out on the trails to get some exercise and take some photos.  About midway through our 2 1/2 mile hike, the sun made its appearance as it prepared to set for the day.  Today’s photo was taken while I was resting a bit from pushing the wheelchair through the six inches or so of snow that covered the trail.  The hike was less distance than many I’ve taken, but it was as much work as most of them.  While I didn’t sit on the bench, this scene was truly a picture of relaxation.

I pray that you and I  would find enjoyment in the work that God allows us to do.  I pray that we would live life in a way that makes adjustments for the many unexpected variables that are a part of life.  I pray that we would learn from the Christmas story, not only about the coming of Jesus as a baby, but about the true purpose of His coming — to save people from their sins.  I pray that we would seek out times, places, and scenes that help us to relax in God’s presence. 


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