2016: Page 336

After a late night on page 335, I was able to sleep in today to delay that start of page 336.  This also meant that Susan was able to sleep in and hopefully catch up on some rest after having a few days of some seizure activity.  When I got up, I spent the morning catching up on bookkeeping for the prayer ministry.  As I worked on the computer I got a message that I needed to check on the heat at the building as one of the rooms has been cold for a few days.  At that point, it was late morning so I had Susan start waking up and fired up the pellet grill to get lunch going while she got herself ready for the day.  After getting breakfast for Susan and putting pork chops on the grill, we headed into work to check on the heating issue.  The boilers were all running, which was a good thing, but that meant finding the solution might be a little more complicated.  As I began to work through the HVAC control system on the computer, I eventually found that the heat setting for each of the zones that had been worked on earlier this fall was set at 65 degrees.  That would certainly make some rooms feel a little chilly on a cold, windy day.  After going through the system and setting the affected zones correctly, I spent some time watching the room temperature readouts slowly climb into a more normal range before heading back home.

At home, I finished up the pork chops and we had lunch before heading to Sam’s Club to pick up some things on our grocery list.  The evening was spent having dinner with my mom and dad with the pleasant surprise of having my older brother and his son join us as well.  It was good to spend time with family and enjoy a good meal together.  As I drove home, I thought about my deer friends that I photographed at the end of yesterday’s workday.  It was so dark, they could barely be seen in the shadows beyond the parking lot lights but I could sense that they were there watching me.  As I peered into the darkness I could see their silhouettes lined up on the hill so I pulled out my camera and tried every setting I could think of that might capture a usable photo of them.  My first attempt had the flash on and it made their eyes glow quite eerily without otherwise lighting up the scene.  When I finally opened up the lens and slowed down the shutter speed I could see that they were watching me just as I was watching them.  It was late, so after a couple photos I drove off as they continued to stand on the hill and watched me go.  As I thought about this scene, my mind shifted to the patience and respect needed for us to get along with those who are different than us.  Most of the time, it seems that we don’t stop long enough to even try to understand those who are different from us in some way.  When we notice differences, the first reaction of many of us is to try to figure out how to change the other person so they are more like us and if we don’t view that as possible, we ignore not only the differences but the person as well.  We would accomplish a much greater thing if we stop and pray that God would give us and understanding and respect for others as we allow Him to make the necessary changes — in them, or us, or both.

I pray that you and I would not only rest when we need it, but that we would be involved in helping others rest when they need it.  I pray that we would take whatever time it takes to discover why things aren’t right when our relationship with God seems to grow cool.  I pray that we would find ways to make time for, and value, the families that God has given us.  I pray that we would stop and pray when we encounter those who are different than us.  I pray that we would trust God to make the changes that are necessary, whether those changes are in us or others or both.  


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