2016: Page 326

Page 326 began early as I was back to the morning cleaning and building prep routine of a normal Monday.  As I worked in the quietness of an empty building, I thought about the past few days and found myself singing the words of “How Great Thou Art”.  Once the cleaning was done and the building ready for the day, I sat down to write yesterday’s page as I was too tired when I got home last night to think about writing.  Once that was done, I began work on the prayer guide for next week.  As I spent time with God, the topic of “rejoice” was settled on and I began to prayerfully put the prayer guide together.  While the Bible tells us to rejoice always, it also makes it clear that the way that is possible is when we rejoice in the Lord.  Often it is difficult to rejoice, or even think about rejoicing, when circumstances are not what we like.  Our rejoicing is often a reflection of our feelings, so we end up rejoicing when we feel like it and not rejoicing when we don’t feel like it.  When we understand God’s command, we find that rejoicing must be a decision rather than a reaction.  We must decide to rejoice in the Lord when times are tough, when things are going well, when we suffer for the cause of Christ, when hardships and heartaches come our way, and when we find ourselves riding the waves of God’s blessings in our life.  When our rejoicing is something we do in the Lord, we do so because we trust Him to care for us and carry us through both the valleys and the mountaintops of life.

Once the prayer guide was finished and scheduled to go out next week, I took care of some maintenance tasks and by mid-afternoon it was time to head out for lunch and to pick up some cleaning supplies.  When the work day was done and I finally made it home, I spent some time going through the photos from yesterday’s drive home.  Today’s photo was taken from inside the final bridge I stopped at yesterday.  As I looked out the window of the covered bridge, the sun was shining through the trees creating shadows that were lengthening with each passing minute.  The stillness of the water created vivid reflections of the trees and the cloud-dotted sky.  The scene was absolutely beautiful and provided an excellent backdrop in my mind for a season of worship as I finished my drive home.  While today’s outside temperature was still rather chilly, the same beauty of the sun and sky from yesterday returned and elicited the same response of worship throughout the day.  

I pray that you and I would find reason and ways to worship in the midst of our daily routine.  I pray that we would live with an awareness of the unlimited greatness of our God.  I pray that we would understand God’s command to rejoice and learn to do so always as we rejoice in the Lord.  I pray that we would rejoice through a decision to trust God in every circumstance.  I pray that we would pay attention to the reminders of God’s presence that He continually surrounds us with.


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