2016: Page 320

Page 320 has been a busy and full day as I took care of the usual weekday cleaning and building tasks as well as finished packing up all the  display materials and supplies for the upcoming conference.  The day began with the normal cleaning and building prep and as I took the trash out, I discovered the moon was visible above the western horizon.  While a day past the actual full “supermoon”, the moon still loomed large over the tree tops.  I grabbed my camera and shot a few photos but couldn’t get the proper angles and perspective for some creative shots I attempted.  It was still beautiful to see and as it sunk lower into the western horizon, the sun began crawling up over the tree line to the east.  

As I settled into the rest of the regular workday, I finally dug into the stacks of papers, mail, books, and manuscripts that covered my desk.  Some of the accumulation went in the trash and much of it was filed in appropriate places for safekeeping and/or future reference.  Sometimes a thorough cleaning uncovers some long-lost treasures that had become buried in the piles, but today yielded no such surprises.  The surprise will be trying to find things when I need them as I’m more used to knowing where to find them on my desk than knowing where I would have filed them.  

After the desk surface was uncovered and I had taken delivery of some janitorial supplies, including bags of ice melt to get ready for winter, I turned my attention to getting things organized to take with me to ICOM.  With the quantity of books and resources I will be taking with me, it will no longer all fit in the cab of my truck.  So by mid-afternoon, I headed for a late lunch and picked up some plastic storage tubs that should protect and keep dry the supplies that will need to ride in the bed of the truck.  When I headed back to work to start filling the tubs, the sky just seemed to beg to be photographed so I grabbed my camera and captured some of the sunbeam beauty.  As the sun hid behind the clouds, beams of light showered down upon the earth.  For me, the visual not only represented the light of God that He showers upon us, it also made me think about the light we ought to be shining upon the people around us.  One way we do that is to simply share what God gives us.  I view my writing and photography abilities as gifts from God — you may think otherwise. 😉  Not only do I believe they are God’s gifts to me, I’m convinced they have been given to me for the purpose of sharing them.  I have no real light in me but when I share the gifts that God has given me, His light begins to shine in places that needs to see the presence of God.  One of the amazing things about sharing the gifts that God gives is that I’ve discovered the more I share, the more He seems to give.  

I pray that you and I would spend time on a regular basis dealing with the clutter in our lives — especially the clutter in our spiritual lives that may distract us from knowing God’s presence.  I pray that we would be prepared for the season of life that is coming our way.  I pray that we would do what is necessary to protect the the things of value that God has given us.  I pray that we would experience the light of God in our life and be deliberate about sharing that light with others.  I pray that we would recognize the gifts that God has given us and understand His purpose for the gifting.  I pray that we would recognize our inability to give more than God can give us.  


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