2016: Page 315

I was tempted to get up early and begin page 315 watching the sunrise as I paddled my kayak across the lake at Potato Creek.  I woke up in time to get to the lake before sunrise, however it was warm and comfortable under the covers so I rolled over and went back to sleep.  When I finally got up, I checked on messages and posted today’s prayer point that I had forgotten to schedule before I went to bed last night.  I thought my social media newsfeed would be more civil now that the election is over, but when I made a foray back into the social media world today I found that it is still missing a level of civility that should be present given the majority of posts I would see are from Christian friends.  So, I’ll keep praying that God will restore peace and civility and I’ll stay away from the negativity a while longer and check in another week or two to see if people have regained some godly manners.

I do understand how easy it is to post things that end up not being beneficial to those who would read it.  I know I’ve been guilty of posting things in response to what someone has written without even thinking about how my words would sound when read by others.  I took today’s photo during a walk with my family this evening at Potato Creek.  When I saw this scene, it was a reminder to me of a need to simply sit with God and learn from Him about every aspect of my life.  Perhaps if we would commit to sitting with God for a period of time before posting anything on social media, what we see and read from each other would be more uplifting and encouraging.

Before I went to bed last night I was told that my father-in-law’s truck was leaking coolant from the top of the radiator reservoir.  This sounded strange to me and all I could conclude was that someone had overfilled the cooling system.  The excess coolant had to be coming from somewhere and an overfill was the only thing that made sense — at least to a non-mechanic such as myself.  So, when my inside tasks were done I headed out to see if I could drain off the excess and bring the level to where it should be.  When I pulled the radiator cap I was surprised to discover that while the overflow reservoir was full, the radiator itself wasn’t.  It seems that the cap and overflow tube were filled with some type of slimy sediment sludge that evidently only allowed the coolant to flow one direction — out of the radiator.  I cleaned up the openings as best as I could and refilled the radiator with clean coolant.  This seemed to get it working but I knew it needed a more complete flush and cleaning to keep the problem from immediately returning.  So much of my morning was spent walking along the river taking photos after dropping the truck off at the shop.

As I walked, I thought about the importance of finding the truth even if it is different than the only thing we can think.  No one had over-filled Gene’s truck with coolant even though that was the only thing my mind could think was the problem.  I had to physically look and investigate in order to find the real truth.  Far too often we hear reports of things that have happened and our mind immediately reaches a conclusion that may well be far from the actual truth.  We would do well to prayerfully investigate the actual things that concern us and ask God to reveal to us the truth of the situation.

As I was out walking, I got the call that the truck was done so I picked it up and headed home to fix some bacon cheeseburgers on the pellet grill for lunch.  By late afternoon, we decided to take advantage of another beautiful day of sunshine and headed down to Potato Creek for an early evening family walk.  We even managed to see one of the bald eagles at a distance before we left and headed home, so that was an added bonus to the day.

I pray that you and I would guard the words we use both in speech and writing.  I pray that we would understand when specific things become more of a discouragement to us than a benefit and know when we need to make changes to what we allow to influence us.  I pray that we would learn to be Christ-like in all our interactions with people — especially people we disagree with.  I pray that we would learn to seek actual truth when jumping to conclusions seems to be easier and more natural.  I pray that we would know the beauty of creation and the encouragement of family.

Potato Creek 030.jpg

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