2016: Page 308

Page 308 was a day designed for rest and I guess I needed it as I slept until 10 AM!  I wasn’t feeling well when I finished work late last night so I wasn’t that surprised at how long I slept.  I’m not sure if the not feeling well had to do with extreme tiredness, trying to get sick, only eating chocolate and Doritos yesterday, or more likely a combination of some or all of those things.  Once I woke up, I checked messages and then helped Susan get around for the day.  She usually likes my days off because it often means that she can sleep in also.  After we were ready for the day, I fired up the pellet grill and put some pork chops on to smoke/cook for lunch.  The real food seemed to help me feel better, so with some great weather for early November we headed out to St Patrick’s County Park to do some hiking and take some photos.  The hiking and photo opportunities were both great and we enjoyed our time together as a family.

When we were done at the park, we stopped by the riverwalk in Mishawaka to take some photos there as the sun began to set for the day.  Today’s photo is of a flower blossom that was soaking in the remaining rays of the sun for the day.  Its created beauty was magnified by the brilliance of the sun shining upon it.  It made me think about the beauty that each one of us is created with and how every one of us has that created beauty magnified when the brilliance of the Son is shining upon us and through us.  We left the riverwalk and stopped for supper on the way home where we watched the sun finish setting for the day.  

As I unwind and reflect on this day of rest, I think about the times we feel spiritually unwell.  Perhaps we can learn from the times we are physically not well and see some parallels to our spiritual life.  Sometimes we simply become spiritually exhausted as the unseen battle wages on around us.  We generally don’t see the actual spiritual warfare that is taking place around us and for us on a daily basis, but we can often feel it.  At times the temptations seem to come at us in waves and we stand firm as we resist the attacks of the enemy, we eventually become tired and need to rest in the safety of our Father’s protection.  When we begin to not feel well spiritually, perhaps it is time to “Come aside and rest” for a time.  Other times when we begin to feel unwell spiritually, we find that we are coming down with something that we caught from someone we’ve had contact with.  The encouragement we gain from one another, and are supposed to give to one another, is an incredible thing.  Unfortunately, there can also be a dark side to what we “catch” from others.  Attitudes seem to be as contagious as the common cold and there are times we find ourselves not feeling well spiritually because we’ve caught discontentment, envy, greed, jealousy, anger, or any of a variety of other unwell attitudes from the people around us.  For me, I found I was catching many of these “spiritual diseases” from social media public newsfeeds.  It has been nearly a month since I’ve pulled up any of my social media newsfeeds, and while I am sure I have missed a lot of information that I would have liked to have known, I have avoided catching some attitudes that I would be better off without.  And then there are the times when we feel spiritually unwell because we’ve not maintained a healthy spiritual diet.  Instead of a steady diet of spiritual food, our prayer life becomes non-existent and our time in the Word is sporadic and without purpose.  We tend to avoid the things that would make us grow and only seek out scripture and prayer times that make us feel good and satisfies a selfish desire.  And just like the physical start of my day today, many times our feeling unwell spiritually is a combination of multiple factors.

I pray that you and I would recognize the times when we are not feeling well physically and/or spiritually and seek the proper action to resolving that feeling.  I pray that we would rest physically when we need to and rest spiritually when we need to.  I pray that we would know the incredible beauty that we have been created with and that we would amplify that beauty by letting the presence of Christ within us illuminate us from the inside out.  I pray that we would examine the things that cause us to not be as well spiritually as we ought to be and seek God’s help in resolving them.  

St Pat's Park 209.jpg

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