2016: Page 299

Page 299 followed a restless night in which I didn’t seem to be able to stay asleep for some reason.  I almost got dressed and headed into work at 5 AM since I seemed to be wide awake, yet by 5:30 it was a struggle to wake up and get ready for the day.  But get up I did, as the building needed cleaned and prepped for the day.  As I went about the morning cleaning, I found myself silently singing a variety of songs and hymns in worship of a great God.  Intentional worship has a way of centering my spirit and finding rest for my soul as I become deliberate about communicating to God , as best I can, the incredible worth He has.  There are times when I know specific things that have triggered a skirmish in my mind.  And other times, like now, when the battle ensues and I have no real knowledge of the cause — although if I’m not too overwhelmed by the war, I always know the source of the conflict is not flesh and blood.  While I know there are times when my physical body seems to fight against itself, the real fight is always a spiritual one that would like nothing more than to find a way to destroy me.  That’s where the intentional prayer and worship reminds me of who’s in charge and who has already won the victory as He paid the price to redeem me from the enemy.

As I finished up the cleaning and took the trash out, the sun was causing a glow in the clouds on the eastern horizon while the sliver of moon was visible just above the cloud line.  I went back in and got my camera then continued to worship God as the sun slowly made its way over the horizon with an ever-increasing illumination of the clouds.  It’s as if the worship I had been doing all morning was now being amplified and God was giving another glimpse of His incredible majesty.

With an eye on the weather forecasts which call for continued cool temperatures, I spent time this morning beginning the process of bringing the boilers online so the building will have heat when needed.  While I worked on that process, I also did some follow-up to some messages I received while I was out of the office the last few days.  One of the emails I responded to was from a lady who does mission work in several African countries.  She was thanking me for the prayer guides I send out each week and letting me know that she often forwards them to the pastors in Africa as an encouragement to them.  Her email reminded me of how God has gifted each person in unique ways that, when working together, completes an entire healthy body — His body.   I thanked her for encouraging me by letting me know how much my work encourages others.  I suspect we all want to know that what we do makes a difference and rarely will someone know the difference they make in our life unless we tell them.

When I finished what I could do today with the heat system, I sat down to do what I hope and plan is the final proofreading of my book, “Serving God”, before I get copies printed to have available for the International Conference on Missions.  I only found four or five needed corrections this time through so I think its about ready to go to print.  As I worked on the proofreading I had a couple blue jays and cardinals stop by for a visit outside my office window.  They had discovered a feast of berries and sumac heads in the underbrush at the edge of the woods.  While many people claim these two birds don’t get along, the cardinals were helping themselves to the berries and the blue jays were right beside them eating seeds out of the sumac.  Today’s photo is of one of the blue jays after he pulled a bit of fluff out of the sumac head.  I suspect there is a seed attached to that fluff that the blue jay is enjoying as a morning snack.  Watching them reminded me of how God provides food for the birds of the air and promises to care for His children who He loves even more than the birds.

I pray that you and I would be intentional in our worship of God at all times.  I pray that each day we would fully cloth ourselves with the full armor of God as we recognize the battle that takes place in the spiritual realms.  I pray that we would encourage others at every opportunity we have.  I pray that we would know just how deep God’s love is for us.  I pray that we would trust God to care for us at all times.  

Birds 008.jpg

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