2016: Page 288

Page 288 began early and will end late but it will go down in the book as a rather pleasant day.  The morning began a little after six with the usual cleaning, building prep, and taking out trash to have the building ready for the day before eight.  Once that was done, it was time to catch up with messages and tasks from the day before.  In the middle of doing that, God put a new poem in my mind so I typed it out and shared it earlier today.  It was fun to watch God work because the poem started with two rhyming sentences about how I no longer use pen and paper to write.  I thought those sentences were it, but I typed them out thinking maybe God would bring me back to this later.  But as I finished the second sentence, the words kept coming and before I knew it a new poem was born. 🙂

During the morning, the promotional banner and proof copies for my latest book arrived so I began the work of what I hope to be the final proofreading before calling this project complete.  By mid-afternoon I was getting hungry so I headed out for a lunch break and some time with God.  After I got lunch I headed down to Potato Creek where I enjoyed some time along the lake on a beautiful fall day.  It was the kind of day where the photos seem to glow with the brilliance that existed in real life.  The trees continue their changing of color and the water reflected them and the crisp blue sky.  Much of my 3+ mile hike today was spent in praise and worship of a God that is incredibly creative on His own yet considers someone like me worth pouring His creativity into and through.  Finishing a writing project, whether it be a single poem or a devotional book, always makes me feel so amazed that God would trust me with such work.  

Once my extended lunch break was over, it was back to work to finish out the day cleaning the building once again and getting it ready for Sunday.  As I took the first collection of trash out, the sun was beginning to set so I grabbed my camera and shot a few photos of that part of God’s creativity.  A little later when I was out again, the moon had begun to rise opposite the setting sun so I took a few photos of that also.  In fact as I take a short break from the cleaning to start writing today’s page, it became difficult to decide what photo to use as God had given me so many good options.  I went with one from my walk at the lake as it shares a good variety of God’s handiwork at several levels.  

As I reflect on the day and get ready to get back to work and finish my tasks for the week, to say it has been a pleasant day would be an understatement.  Not only did God bless me abundantly, as He always does, He surrounded me with incredible reminders of His presence throughout the day.  I’m not saying that those reminders are missing some times, but there are times when I don’t pay attention and the day goes by without my noticing them.  

I pray that you and I would recognize, and use, the gifts God has put in our lives.  I pray that we would learn to be faithful with thing we consider small so that we can be trusted with things that we consider large.  I pray that we would live in a way that our lives reflect the brilliance of God as accurately as possible.  I pray that we would learn to pay attention to the reminders of God’s blessing and presence that He continually surrounds us with.   


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