2016: Page 287

Page 287 was a restful day that fits well between my two long workdays in the week.  When I agreed to teach a children’s class on Wednesday nights I wasn’t sure how I would make my schedule work without it seeming like I live at work.  After finally settling in on the idea of putting in double-shift days on Wednesdays and Fridays while taking Thursdays off, I’m not sure I could have come up with a better plan.  Once winter arrives and the snow begins to fly I’ll probably have to figure out a new plan, but for now it’s a good plan.  

Today I was able to sleep in a little but Susan was able to sleep in even longer.  After my morning grapefruit juice, I began the day with a cup of coffee and some prayer time.  The prayer time eventually led to some work on the prayer calendar I’m trying to put together for next year.  The prayer calendar will feature photos that I have taken and each day will have a prayer point that corresponds with the prayer points from my book, “Pursuing God”.  Eventually Susan woke up and I helped her get breakfast before I fired up the pellet grill so I would have mushroom cheeseburgers ready when Mary Jane got home.  While the burgers and mushrooms were on cooking, I did some follow-up on some details for the upcoming International Conference on Missions that I will have a prayer ministry display at.

After lunch we eventually made our way to Michigan City for some shopping and then on to Indiana Dunes State Park to take some photos and do a little kite flying.  While the photo opportunities, kite flying, and beauty of the park are all good parts of a great day, what makes it great is being able to spend it with my family.  The photo I chose for today’s page is one I took while I was flying my kite at the dunes today.  I shot it as it crossed directly between me and the sun.  I think it is a beautiful kite anyway, but with the sun behind it, it was illuminated like a stained glass window.  There was a gentle breeze coming in off the lake, so gentle that it was a challenge to keep the kite in the air.  But the beauty of watching the kite float through the sky made the work worth it.  After some time at the state park, we stopped back through Michigan City where I shot a few photos of the lighthouse before heading home.

As I thought about the day and the lessons God would want me to learn from it, a few things stand out.  One of those things is the importance of rest — not just physical rest, but a need to rest in the Lord as I trust Him from day to day.  When I combine a time of physical rest with rest for my soul, I find that I am more fully refreshed than if I settle for only one aspect of rest.  I also thought about how God’s light shining through us increases whatever beauty we may possess.  As individuals created in the image of God, we carry an inherent beauty that we may, or may not, recognize.  It is when we allow the light of God to shine through us, our true beauty is illuminated with a brilliance that cannot be hidden.  The third lesson from the day was about the value of the work involved in keeping our lives above the fray of the world.  Many times we think life ought to be easier than it is and we become weary as we work to keep all of our thoughts and actions from being dragged down to the level of the world.  Yes, it is work but the good news is that the work is worth it in our life and in the witness our life produces as we hold fast to the good news of God’s Word.  

I pray that you and I would seek and guard times of both physical and spiritual rest.  I pray that we would understand the beauty that God has put within us.  I pray that we would live in such a way that the light of God would illuminate His beauty within us.  I pray that we would make every effort to live in such a way that we rise above the turmoil of this earth and God’s love is seen through us.


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