2016: Page 268

Page 268 has been a decent start to the weekend, all things considered.  With the official arrival of Fall this week, the roller-coaster of temperature and various weather fronts has had Susan on her own roller-coaster of sorts.  Between seizures, a panda obsession, and nighttime fear, she ended up sleeping on a mattress on the floor beside our bed last night. It is always a little uncertain what the morning will be like after this type of night, but she woke up at 8 this morning ready to get the day started.  While she had breakfast, I gave myself a much needed haircut.  We then spent some time together looking at pictures from this past week before heading to WalMart to get some photos printed for my dad and his brothers.  Once they were finished, we stopped by my office to pick up a copy of one of my books I didn’t have at home and then headed to the zoo.  This was the first Saturday in a very long time that Susan was awake before noon and wanted to go visit her zoo friends.  She saw the animals she wanted to visit, then we stopped by the market to drop off the book and photos I had picked up earlier.  One of my uncles had asked for a couple of my books to put in their church library and since I wasn’t sure which ones he was actually wanting, I sent along the entire set of seven books.  🙂

After the trip to market it was time to head home and get the pellet grill going for our Saturday bacon cheeseburgers — no mushrooms in the house today. 😦  The afternoon has been spent relaxing, playing computer games and some Wii games, and taking a nap.  I have been using photos I have taken to make promo pieces for my latest book and today I pulled up an old photo I took 10+ years ago of the sun setting over my parents’ farm to highlight the “Heaven is a Home with Family” devotional page.  I suppose that statement means different things to different people, and to some it probably needs to be clarified that heaven is a home with a loving family.  It is a loving family because God is love and He is the head of this family.  As Christians, I believe God desires for our families on earth to better reflect His family of love than what they often do.  And sometimes our families are filled with a love we don’t know exists until we are put to the test.  As I think about this particular devotional topic from my book, I can look back over this past summer and realize that the family I am a part of is filled with more love than we had probably ever noticed before.  It has been in the hardest of times and in the best of times that the family has come together.  When my brother’s daughter died in a car accident, we mourned together and the community mourned with us.  When we gathered to remember my dad’s 80th birthday and the life of my niece, we celebrated together and the community celebrated with us.  When another niece was married, we rejoiced together and the community rejoiced with us.  Through all of these events, and so much more, it is easy to see the love of God reflected in our family, through our family, and to our family.  While we’re not perfect, we do get to see a glimpse of the family that God has called us to in His heavenly home.

As I wind down the day and write today’s page, Susan is having more seizures so I’ll finish the writing and see what the night will bring us.  I pray that you and I would hold fast to God at all times, especially when it feels like things are going out of control.  I pray that we would look to God for the wisdom and courage to allow Him to transform our families to be more like His family.  I pray that we would value the family God has given us and that we would be the family to those who feel they have no one.

Day 6.jpg

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