2016: Page 191

Page 191 began early as I finished out page 190 with some writing and then fired up the pellet grill at midnight.  I had been asked if I would cook some pulled pork for a small group and the timing was easiest if I started it at midnight to begin its slow 12+ hour process.  So after starting the pellet grill on its smoke setting, I put some seasoning rub on the pork and got it started as the day transitioned from one to another.  I kept an eye on it for a short time then headed to bed to get some sleep.  When I woke up in the morning, it was a little more than halfway through its cooking time and was already smelling delicious.  As I waited for Susan to get up, I spent some quiet time on the front porch in the coolness of the day.  There was a hummingbird coming and going so I got my camera out and was able to snap a few photos of it.  It wasn’t long before Susan was ready to get up and head to the zoo for our Saturday morning outing.  There was an event going on that had the parking lot and surrounding roads blocked off so we had to walk in.  As we walked across the empty parking lot, the lions were roaring a welcoming greeting and Susan was excited to hear them.

After visiting Susan’s animal friends at the zoo, we headed home for a relaxing day.  I spent some more time on the porch and then shortly before 1 in the afternoon decided the pork was ready to come off the smoker.  After taking it off the grill, I let it rest for a short while before pulling it apart and having some for lunch before sending most of it off to help feed the camp week faculty tonight. The rest of the day was spent doing some more relaxing and finished off with writing today’s page.  As I was writing this page, I could hear fireworks going off so I took a break and went back out to the porch to watch and photograph fireworks.  While they are attention-getting with their noise and bright flashes of light, to me they still can’t compare with the intricate beauty of God’s creation.  Today’s photo is a sunflower with all of its beauty and wonderful design.  

With so much of the day revolving around cooking pork, my mind turned to our need to slow down and wait upon the Lord.  The secret to good pulled pork from the smoker is to let it take its time and not try to rush it to completion.  Yes, I could turn the heat level up a notch or two and shorten the time it takes for completion but the finished product isn’t the same.  The Bible says that those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength.  Many people pray seeking God’s will and direction, but no so many spend time asking God about His timing.  Even when we’re willing to surrender to doing things God’s way, we often want to do it according to our schedules.  We don’t think we have time to wait for God to finish His work in us, or others, before we charge off thinking we’re going to do great things in His name.  The great things that happen in His name only take place when we take the time to allow His greatness to dwell within us — and I’m talking a deep abiding dwelling within us, not some drive-by visit.  

I pray that you and I would understand the patience of God in regard to His desire that none should perish but that all would come to repentance.  I pray that we would learn to live with that same patience in our lives.  I pray that we would not only seek to do God’s will, but that we would seek to do it His way in His time.  I pray that we would rest in the Lord and allow His greatness to dwell in us through the power of His Spirit.    


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