2016: Page 165

Page 165 began well enough and I made it through the work day feeling pretty good but it wasn’t long after I got home that the up-all-night of work Saturday caught up with me.  Since I didn’t take any pictures today, I started back through my vacation photos and found that one of the first ones taken was of a dish of ice cream I was about to enjoy. 🙂  As the day began, I spent time with God considering the prayer guide topic for next week.  The deciding part was probably a little longer than usual because it seemed as if the direction I was supposed to go was a topic I’ve already used.  While I have rewritten prayer guides on previously used topics, that is not something I do often.  As I looked at the topic and considered that summer is VBS season, I finally decided to update one of my earlier prayer guides that is focused on praying for children.  But the prayer guide isn’t simply a focus on praying for the young people that typically come to mind when we use the word children.  It also serves as a reminder that Jesus said we must become like children in order to enter the kingdom of heaven.  And so, as we spend time praying next week for children, we will also be praying about the qualities that God desires for all of His children to have.

Once the prayer guide was ready for next week, I spent some time with my devotional journal writing.  One of the topics I wrote about today was heaven being a home of right judgment.  God’s judgment is not only accurate and right, it is always based on complete truth.  If this is the way it is in God’s home, shouldn’t we as His children seek to live up to that example in our homes?  We are part of a culture that tends to rush to judgment with little regard for how much information we have nor how accurate the judgment is.  As I continue to catch pieces of the news today, the “talking heads” from politicians to news media “experts” to the general public continue to be quick in announcing their verdict of who/what is to blame in the horrendous shooting in Orlando.  Everyone has to be first to share “breaking news” regarding every little detail that the stories quickly become contradictory.  In our home here on earth, our judgments typically are made based on incomplete information and are designed to make us feel safer or more confident in our beliefs.  Truth becomes one of the first casualties when we fail to seek God and the right judgments that only He can make.  Speaking of right judgments, that chocolate chip coffee mocha and black raspberry combination of ice cream was definitely one of them! 🙂

I pray that you and I would understand how to become like little children without becoming childish.  I pray that we would share the love of Jesus with children everywhere.  I pray that we would express love and truth while leaving judgment to God.


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