2016: Page 155

Page 155 began very early with the sounds of Susan having a seizure at 3 AM.  Once she came through it, we all went back to sleep and slept in a bit before starting the process of wrapping up this vacation.  It was kind of sad dropping off the camera lens I had rented as it was not only fun using it, but it meant vacation was coming to an end.  After that was done, we visited a county park where the boardwalk trail was as advertised.  A stop on the way back to the room at Crabby Bill’s for a seafood feast for lunch and then we headed for the beach to enjoy the view and the warm water.  Eventually we made our way back across the street to our hotel and the pool for a time before cleaning out the fridge and grilling the hamburgers and chicken that was left.  After supper it was back over to the beach to watch the final sunset of this vacation and now all that’s left is to write today’s page and finish packing up.

I love watching sunsets and am even beginning to enjoy watching a good sunrise as well.  Every time I see a sunset I think of the line from The Sound of Music, where the youngest child sings, “The sun has gone to bed and so must I.”  Each day on this earth has a beginning and an end as does every life on this earth.  As I think about Susan’s seizures on this vacation — a huge one to start the time here and two smaller ones in the past 24 hours — I begin to reflect, not on the hardship of life but on the uncertainty of life.  I begin to wonder.  If this were Susan’s last day, did I give her as much joy as she has given me?  Have I been available as a dad in the ways I should have?  If this were to be my last day, have I been faithful to my God and to my family?  All of us have a limited time on earth whether we leave by death or by the return of Christ.  Are we living with the knowledge that the sun is setting?  Sometimes from a distance it is difficult to tell for sure just how far it has set and how much longer until it disappears from the horizon, but from the time it rose in the morning it has been on a journey to set at the end of the day.  Jesus tells us that we ought to work while the day remains for a time is coming when the day is done and our work is over.  While I believe this applies to the physical work we do, I think the greater teaching is the spiritual work God has created in advance for us to do.  Our witness for Christ to our families and to the people around us must be done while it is still day.  Some day the sun will set on their life and/or our life and the opportunity to share about Christ will be over.

I pray that you and I would value the time God gives us with the families He has placed us in.  I pray that we would keep our eyes fixed on Jesus as we consider His desire that we be faithful in all things.  I pray that we would understand the importance of making the moments count.  I pray that we would be ready for the return of Christ and be involved in helping others come to know Him.


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