Good Words

Inside of my head,
     words are bouncing around.
I sort through them all,
     to see what can be found.
A piece of a poem,
     a few words that do rhyme.
Some jumbled up thoughts,
     that cut across time.

The words that are loudest,
     they always want out.
Just open your mouth,
     and give them a shout.
Advice such as that,
     is not really ideal.
Before we do speak,
     perhaps we should kneel.

We talk to the Father,
     and look to the Son.
To learn from example,
     how victory is won.
To speak truth with boldness,
     and filled with great love.
Is a lesson we learn,
     when our mind’s fixed above.

Not every insult,
     needs an answer from you.
Perhaps you should stop
     and think all things through.
Will your words help your hearers,
     or just ease your mind?
Will they hear God’s great love,
     or is it hate they will find?

I read from the Bible,
     and this much I know.
Perhaps a solution,
     is to cut down the flow.
To be quick to listen,
     and slow to get mad.
And hold up your words,
     before you say something bad.

So out of this jumble,
     that lived in my mind.
I hope these are good words,
     that I happened to find.
I pray that they’re helpful,
     and good, sound advice.
And they’re shared with the world,
     in a way that is nice.  🙂

© 2016 by Tom Lemler

As I cleaned the church building tonight, my mind seemed to be focused on the harsh rhetoric that I hear and read from people of many persuasions and beliefs, often aimed at each other.  I thought about the boldness of Jesus to speak truth when truth was called for and to be silent when He knew no answer would be satisfactory.  I pray that you and I would seek wisdom from God that would fill us with that balance.

In prayer,
Tom Lemler

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