2016: Page 124

Page 124 was designed to provide some balance to an extra long page 123.  After a late end to page 123, it was up early to get the building ready for the day before heading out to vote in the primary election.  After voting, I headed home to keep an eye on Susan so MJ could go vote before work.  Susan and I each decided a nap would be a good morning activity so we rested a bit before getting ready to head to the zoo.  As we were getting ready to head out, I got a call about a fire alarm system inspection for the church (which was just done a month ago) so I headed into work to straighten that out.  Once the alarm inspection company and I were on the same page that the inspection had already been done, Susan and I headed to the zoo for a short visit before I needed to be back for a meeting.

We had a good visit to the zoo where we saw her favorite animals and rode the new carousel.  While I enjoy visiting zoos to see the animals, there is a greater pleasure in taking Susan and watching her expressions of joy.  After the zoo visit, it was back to work for a lunch meeting and then some office work.  By mid-afternoon, my work day was done and we headed down to Potato Creek for a family Waist Management hike.  It was a beautiful afternoon and evening as the temperature was pleasant and there was a nice mix of sun and clouds to add beauty to the photographs.  We managed a total walk of about 4 miles through the park as we photographed wildlife, flowers, and lake/sky scenes.  We even managed to catch sight of a bald eagle as it soared over our heads and off into the distance.  As we were ready to leave, the cloud cover had begun to build and the rays of sunshine were shining down through them onto the lake.  

The rays of sunshine, and the photo I’ve added to this page, reminded me of a song that I learned years ago when I was doing youth ministry.  The lyrics say, “Mercy is falling, is falling, is falling.  Mercy it falls like the sweet spring rain.”  (At least that’s the way I remember them. 🙂 )  While each of us may have a somewhat different view on what specific weather defines the perfect day for us, showers of God’s mercy should always be eagerly welcomed and received.  Just as this shower of beauty that was present at Potato Creek was available to all who would show up and receive it, God’s shower of mercy is extended to all who would choose to receive it.  God’s justice and judgment are not diminished at all by His mercy and forgiveness.  In fact, it is because of His justice and judgment that His mercy and forgiveness is filled with so much power.  If God was not just and His judgment was not right, we would have little reason to pursue His mercy and forgiveness.  If there is no judgment for sin, why seek forgiveness.  The beauty of God’s sun shining through the clouds is amplified by darkness that it cuts through.  When we recognize and repent of our sin, God’s mercy and forgiveness shines His light brightly into what was once a dark life.

I pray that you and I would pursue and receive God’s mercy and forgiveness.  I pray that we would understand the reality of God’s justice and judgment for those who choose to reject God’s mercy and forgiveness.  I pray that we would desire the light of God’s Son shining into our life as we repent of our sin. 


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