2016: Page 117

Page 117 was ushered in overnight with some loud storms rumbling through the area.  After two nights in a row of interrupted sleep, today seemed to have a tough time getting up  to speed.   The morning included the usual cleaning and building prep, minor maintenance tasks, and some writing.  After lunch with some friends, I finished up my work at the building and headed home by late afternoon.  Even with an overcast sky, we headed down to Potato Creek for an evening walk.  One of the eagles was out but too far away to get any decent photos.  As we walked the trails we were able to enjoy many spring flowers and singing birds.  

My interest in photography has opened up a view into the incredibly vast and diverse world that God has filled with so much beauty.  Today’s sights included several different woodpeckers, including the one pictured on this page.  For me, it is a beautiful sound to walk through the woods and hear the tap-tap-tap of a woodpecker working away on a tree.  Today included three different types and sizes of woodpeckers, each with their own sound which corresponds to their size.  From the quiet tap of the downy woodpecker to the startling rat-a-tat-tat of the red-headed woodpecker, it is fascinating to see how each of them end up with perfectly round holes drilled into the trees they are working on. The small birds in particular get so involved in their work that sometimes they completely disappear into the hole they’ve created in the tree.  Not surprisingly, though, that hole doesn’t appear in an instant.  Rather it takes continued work and a steadfast commitment to keeping at it without giving up.

We could learn a lot from the creation of God if we were paying attention.  That shouldn’t surprise us though.  The Bible tells us to consider the lilies of the field, consider the birds of the air, even consider the ant.  We consider God’s care and provision for the things of nature and we learn to trust Him to care for us and provide what we need.  We consider the work ethic that exists within the wildlife realm and we learn the value of faithful, consistent work.  Many times when we do listen to the instructions God has for us, we begin to follow them but give up when the results don’t happen according to our schedule.  In my experience, the good work that God has created in advance for us to do is usually a lifetime series of small steps designed to draw us closer to God and reveal Him more clearly to the people around us.  Some days all we can do, and all we need to do, is to simply keep pecking away at the work that is in front of us.  That day, the results may not be what we expect but if we don’t to that day’s work we will never accomplish the work God has called us to.

I pray that you and I would take note of the examples that God has given us throughout creation.  I pray that we would understand more fully the eternal perspective that God has in regard to the work He has given us to do.  I pray that we would not become weary in doing good but trust God that the harvest will take place according to His schedule.  I pray that we would faithfully commit to doing the task at hand regardless of how big or small it may seem.


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