2016: Page 109

Page 109 got the work week started in much the same way as most of my work weeks begin.  It was up and out the door early to get the building cleaned and ready for the school day.  It was a short night, but our family trip last night to the lake for some sunset photos was well worth the missed hours of sleep.  Once the cleaning was done and the students began arriving for the day, I took some time to write page 108 since I didn’t get that done last night.  After that was done I settled into my Monday morning routine of time with God putting together next week’s prayer guide.  After realizing a couple weeks ago that I haven’t done separate prayer guides for all of the parts of the fruit of the Spirit, my time with God this morning focused on goodness.  We experience God’s goodness far more often than we normally acknowledge or even notice.  The bigger issue for Christians is how are we doing at allowing God’s goodness to flow through us into the lives of others?

With a few breaks to work on other issues that came up, the prayer guide and writing took up most of the morning.  With a meeting to attend in the evening, I finally made it out of the building by 1:30 PM for a lunch and kayak break. 🙂  With the sun shining brightly and the temperature reaching 80 degrees, I put my kayak in the truck and stopped by Subway on my way to Potato Creek.  When I arrived, one of the bald eagles was waiting in the tree by the boat launch area to greet me.  I took a couple photos but the sun was directly behind him so all I was getting was a silhouette.  As I got the kayak in the water and loaded all my camera gear, the eagle took off from its perch so I set off to see if I could find out where it went.  Before I was too far away from shore, he returned to his usual location and sat there while I made my way around the corner to where the sun was behind me and I could get some good photos with decent lighting.  While he perched there in the tree through all the photos I thought I could possibly take, he kept a very vigilant eye on me.  He wasn’t going to be frightened off too quickly but  he also wasn’t going to let down his guard while I was nearby.

While vigilance in regard to our physical surroundings and potential danger can be useful, it is more important as Christians to be vigilant about our spiritual surroundings and the things the enemy wants to use to destroy us.  There is a difference between fear and vigilance although a healthy fear may be part of the seed of vigilance.  The eagle gave no indication that it was afraid of me but that didn’t mean he was willing to let me out of his sight.  Because the power of God in our life helps us to live without fear, sometimes we let down our guard and find ourselves giving in to temptation that we should have been vigilantly guarding against.  The temptation was nothing to be afraid of  — at least not until we failed to recognize its desire to destroy us and we let it get through our relaxed defenses.  God has given us the armor we need in order to be protected from the attacks of the evil one but it is up to us to be diligent in putting it on and always being aware of the spiritual warfare that surrounds us.

I pray that you and  I know the goodness of God and share it with the people around us.  I pray that we would vigilant in our battle against the varied temptations the evil one tries to destroy us with.  I pray that we would recognize the true source of danger and not be deceived by the illusions of safety that surround so many temptations.  I pray that we would daily put on the whole armor of God as we stand firm through prayer and the power of His might.


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