2016: Page 91

While I’ve done well lately at keeping my work hours from consuming my life, today was a day that kind of got away from me.  I did manage to keep the workday under 12 hours, but barely.  It started out as a normal day with the usual cleaning but with the addition of a message and note that the pop machine was not working.  After taking care of a variety of tasks that needed my attention, I began to research and troubleshoot the pop machine to see if I could figure out why it was taking money but not dispensing product.  After going through all of the steps that I could manage, I called the company that has worked on it in the past and they said they would be out between 5 & 5:30.  In the meantime, I worked on some of the arrangements to have an Impact Prayer Ministry display at a national student conference this summer.  The service tech eventually came when he said he would but after all of his efforts, decided he would have to return tomorrow with a replacement part.  So, 11 1/2 hours after arriving at work I headed home.

Once home, I grilled some t-bone steaks and enjoyed a nice dinner with my family.  After dinner, it was time to sit down and reflect on the day to see what was lived, and what should be written, on page 91.  Some of these pages I know what I will write before I ever sit down to do so.  Others, I know the facts of the day but I’m not sure until the writing is well underway what the lesson of the day was that I will write about.  Today’s page came into focus when I wrote the opening sentence.  I find that when I worry excessively about the day getting away from me, it is because I lose sight of who should have control of each of my days.  

Last fall we bought a wheelchair with mountain bike wheels on it so it rolls easily over outdoor trail terrain and we can hike park trails as a family again.  Susan loves riding the trails and when we come down the hills, the faster the better.  If we’re not going fast enough, she will rock herself forward to try to help build momentum to increase the speed — or at least it is her way of telling me to go faster.  But an interesting thing happens when she is in the wheelchair and it starts to creep forward on its own.  The chair rolls so easily that yesterday while I was putting cameras away in the truck, the chair began to creep forward with her in it.  All of a sudden the joy of riding and the thrill of going fast was replaced by terror!  She was moving ever so slightly but had no idea who was in control.  Her joy and comfort all rests in a confidence of knowing her daddy is in control.  

We would do well to learn from Susan’s innocent trust.  We have reason to be filled with terror when we find ourselves drifting without giving God control of our life.  When I begin to think the day got away from me, perhaps it is because I thought it was mine to begin with.  Don’t get me wrong, sometimes the day does get away from me but usually it is because I’ve tried to live it according to my plan rather than listen to and follow God.  When I live with a confidence of God’s control, the bumps and hills and speed of life can be exiting and enjoyable.  

I pray that you and I would recognize the reasons life seems to get away from us at times.  I pray that we would listen to and trust God as we travel this trail called life.  I pray that our faith would grow as we experience the freedom of living under God’s control.  I pray that we would live a surrendered life that doesn’t try to take back control that we’ve already given to God.  I pray that we would know the joy of traveling through life with God in charge.


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