2016: Page 85

Earthdate: 20160325 — These are the ramblings of one traveler’s journey on earth as he makes his way toward a heavenly home.

Page 85 is a Friday, but it is Good Friday so it was able to become a family day for the most part.  We were all able to sleep in and start catching up on some of the rest we missed out on through the week.  Once we were up and I had finished my coffee, we went out to eat and then headed down to Potato Creek for a 5.66 mile hike.  It was fairly cloudy and overcast when we began, but the clouds began to break apart and it was soon mostly sunny with puffy white clouds dotting a beautiful blue sky.  About a mile into our walk, we passed one of the osprey nests where a pair of osprey were defending their territory against those who were wanting to move in.  It was beautiful to watch them soar overhead and then eventually see one dive into the lake and come up with a fish.

After the hike, we headed home to get ready for the Good Friday service at church.  I headed to the church early to do some cleaning touch-ups at the building and spend time with God going over a communion meditation I would share at the service.  When I got to the building, the touch-ups I had planned on doing had already been completed by my coworkers so I spent the whole time focused on what I would share later.  As I prayed about this throughout the week, I had already settled on John 6 where Jesus tells the crowd that it is by eating His flesh and drinking His blood that they will have eternal life.  This was a teaching so difficult that many quit following Him from then on.  Part of the difficulty was that this teaching followed soon after the feeding of the 5000 and many of the crowd only wanted Jesus to supply more bread to fill their stomachs.  

But it was also a difficult teaching because it called for the eating and drinking of flesh and blood — something that sounds repulsive to us even today, at least without the explanation Jesus gives as He shares His final Passover meal with His disciples.  Every time I join with other believers in taking communion, my mind paints a picture of the broken body of Jesus hanging on a cross with His blood being poured out and I get a cold shiver running up and down my spine.  My mind doesn’t dwell there forever though, because Jesus said this was to be a reminder that proclaims His death until He comes.  When you add the “until He comes” part in, it becomes a proclamation not only of His death but also of His burial, resurrection, ascension, and His promised return!  That is what turns that cold shiver into a warm presence of God’s Spirit within us.  

After the Good Friday service, I began working on my Friday night cleaning to get the building ready for Sunday.  With the touch-ups that were done before the service, there isn’t quite as much to do but I still find myself waiting on the floor scrubber to recharge so I come to the office and write today’s page while I wait.  Waiting always reminds me of the verse in Isaiah where we’re told that those who wait on the Lord will rise up on wings like eagles.  While I didn’t see any eagles today, the osprey have a similar flight.  They seem to have a patience about them that waits on the wind and what we know as thermal updrafts so they can soar high above with what appears to be little effort.  I think that is at least part of what God is talking about.  When we have the patience to wait upon the “wind” and “thermal updrafts” of the Holy Spirit, we too can soar high with little effort as we submit ourselves to being carried along in the will of God.

I pray that you and I would understand the life that we gain as we eat and drink the flesh and blood of Jesus.  I pray that we would wait upon the Lord for His renewal in our life so that we would soar on the winds of the Spirit.  I pray that we would live a life that proclaims the Lord’s death until He comes. 


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