2016: Page 83

While they all cover the same amount of time, some pages feel much longer than others.  Page 83 began at midnight, not sleeping as I usually would be but with a rush of adrenaline as the sounds of Susan having a major seizure woke us up.  Once she was finally through the seizure and her needs were taken care of, it felt like I had just fallen back asleep when the alarm went off signaling a need to wake up and head to work.  At work, I took care of the cleaning that needed done and took out the trash all the while praying that Susan would have a good day after such a rough night.  When she arrived in the office a little after 8, she was happy and content to rest in her chair for much of the morning.  

I needed to run some errands so I took Susan with me.  When we got back to the building we drove out to check on the timber harvesting process that we’re having done.  As I watched them skid the logs out of the woods and load them on semi trailers, I marveled at the equipment being used that we would have only dreamed of back in the days of my childhood as my dad an uncle ran a sawmill together.  I was also reminded of the incredible goodness of God who arranged this timber sale at the exact time we were needing to replace one of the major air conditioning units at the church.  The initial estimate of the value of timber to be harvested was about four thousand dollars short of what the air conditioner was going to cost.  However when the trees were marked and the final estimate given, the down payment made to the church was just enough to cover the air conditioner replacement!  God had been growing the trees that would be needed to meet the need that existed.

Trusting God can be a very difficult thing.  Often times we believe God can supply all our needs but our mind begins to doubt if He will or if He would even want to.  Many times we think we can do pretty well with meeting our own needs so we don’t even attempt to trust God.  It is as if we are convinced there is a limit to how frequently God is willing to act on our behalf so we “save up” our requests for things that are catastrophic or beyond hope.  Far too often though, when those catastrophic times come we wallow in hopelessness and despair because we have not learned to trust God with the “little” things so we have no clue how to trust Him with the “big” things.  When we’ve not learned to trust God, we often find ourselves trying to “fix” our problems with man’s strength and wisdom and not with God’s.  

I pray that you and I would daily make the decision to trust God in all things.  I pray that we would go to Him first for direction and wisdom in how He wants to meet our needs.  I pray that we would recognize when God uses ordinary things to accomplish extraordinary tasks.  I pray that recognition would cause us to always give God the glory and credit rather than pat ourselves on the back and take the credit for ourselves.


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