2016: Page 71

As I write this seventy-first page of this year of my life, I’m reflecting on the day as I sit in my office at work.  It’s a Friday, so I expected a long day when I got up and it has not disappointed me in that regard.  The day started early with some building cleaning and prep work interrupted by an incredible sunrise that begged to be photographed.  Knowing it would be a long day, my plan was to head out for some time with God in the morning — perhaps even getting my kayak out for the first time this year.  As I wrapped up the work that needed done before that could happen, I got a call that a service man was on his way to work on a heating system issue I’ve been dealing with.  Resolving this issue will be a good thing so I set aside my idea for the morning and worked with the heating system and also on some writing and other tasks.

When I could finally get away from the building, I turned my planned morning alone with God into some family time as we grabbed a late lunch then took a nearly 3 mile walk along the river in Mishawaka.  When we finished our walk, I came back to the church to see what weekend cleaning I could start.  The building was still crawling with people and the sun was shining brightly and calling my name so I sent a message to MJ that I would clean later in the evening and was going to head down to Potato Creek in the meantime.  That sounded like a good plan to her so we extended our family time with another nearly 3 mile walk on the trails of the park.  As we were about to leave, an eagle came gliding in and settled in a nearby tree.  This called for a slight delay in our departure as we took some photos and a brief video clip of the eagle.  After dropping the family off at home, I returned to work to get at least half the building cleaned for the weekend.

As I cleaned and thought about the day, the picture I’ve attached to this post came to mind.  I took the photo this afternoon because I loved the reflection of the trees in the water.  As I considered the clarity of the reflection, I thought about days I have been at this same spot and the reflection wasn’t clear — or wasn’t even noticeable.  The accuracy of the reflection depends on the stillness of the water.  But it’s not just the trees I am talking about.  When God calls for us to “be still and know that He is God”, He calls us to a place of internal quietness where we can accurately reflect Him.  As a Christian, it is my responsibility to represent, and reflect, Jesus to a world that needs Him but won’t find Him until they see and hear Him in me.  If I could edit this picture and make the reflection in the water be something completely different from what is on land, everyone would know the photo wasn’t real — it would be seen as a fake.  Yet how often does our life reflect something that is completely different from the One we claim lives within us?  How often does the world look at the picture we present of God through our life and conclude there is something not right with what they are seeing?  Sometimes the problem with the picture is we’re living for self and not for God.  Those watching us see an accurate reflection, but it is a reflection of us and not of God.  Other times we are living for God but the reflection is distorted because we fail to be still and allow Him to be seen.

I pray that you and I would accurately reflect  God’s presence in us as we daily seek to be still before Him.  I pray that we would encourage one another to find ways to live life with a stillness that the world constantly tries to destroy.  I pray that our pursuit of God would be done in a way that helps others to see Him reflected in us.


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