2016: Page 69

With yesterday’s temperature reaching 70 degrees and warm weather in the forecast, I slept in a little this morning since there was essentially no chance of needing to clear snow from the walks. 🙂  The winter weather and schedule seems to have caught up with me so the extra hour of sleep was helpful.  After getting the building cleaned for the day, I responded to phone and email messages that came in after work hours yesterday.  As I worked on that, word came that the school was having printer issues on the network.  Much of the rest of the morning was spent working on computer, printer, and network issues as they seemed to have problems communicating with each other.

The troubles seemed intent on confounding me so I went to the beginning point of the network and worked through each trouble spot in order.  By the time I got to the end where most of the problems had presented themselves, I had everything working as it should.  While my need to “have all of my ducks in a row” has frustrated people around me at times, it is an ability to see and follow a pattern that helps me figure out and resolve problems when faced with a troubleshooting situation.  God says He is not a God of chaos but a God of order.  Watching the complexities of nature continually convinces me that everything has a designer and its designer is a creative God that works in order and patterns.

Once those issues were resolved, I spent some time working at updating an Impact Prayer Ministry display with current information and needs.  This was a good task for me as it not only needed done, but it caused me to spend time reflecting on how God has worked in and through the ministry to this point.  Times of reflection are good as long as they are used in a way that reveals God’s working and presence in all things good.  When our work is done in the power and strength of God’s Spirit, it is God that should be seen clearly in any reflection of our work.  If God is not seen in our reflection, we have a serious problem with the way our life looks to the people around us.

Eventually I realized I had once again worked through lunch and needed to call it a day as far as work was concerned.  One of the hardest things for me to do is to leave a project for later when I feel I could finish before the day is over if I just keep going.  While that may be good for short term productivity, it causes more problems than is often imagined.  I had been at work long enough for one day.  It was time to practice the discipline of balance and head out to spend time with God and the evening at home with my family.  Balance is a difficult discipline to live because we daily face so many expectations that many of us are wired to try to meet.  True balance in life is found when God is first in all things and He sets the schedule and agenda for everything we do.

As I left work for the day I stopped and grabbed a sandwich to eat on my way to Potato Creek State Park where I could do some hiking as I spent time with God.  I took a variety of photos during my hike and when I returned to my truck an eagle was perched in a nearby tree.  I was able to take several photos of it before it took flight and soared off into the distance.  When I got home and went through my photos from my hike, the one I attached to this post stood out as a picture of the lessons of the day.  God had lined up these turtles with order and a beautiful symmetry.  The still water created a beautiful reflection that exposed a greater creativity of the One who made them.  As they basked in what little sun was present, they continued to maintain perfect balance on this rounded log.

I pray that you and I live life recognizing that perfect order, reflection, and balance comes from God.  I pray that we would seek God and allow Him to bring order to the chaos that life throws at us.  I pray that we would gaze intently into the perfect law of God’s Word and see His reflection in our life.  I pray that we would live with the balance that comes from doing all things in submission to the authority of God.


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