2016: Page 67

Page 67 is a Monday so it was up early and in to work to clean and get the building ready to start the school week.  As I went about my early morning work, I could once again hear the cardinals singing outside in the darkness.  As I took the trash out, the eastern tree line was beginning to light up with the waking of the sun.  Back inside I went to grab my camera to record some of the morning beauty in both still photos and a couple videos that would also capture the sounds of the early morning birds.

By the time I got around to spending time with God in putting together the prayer guide for next week, I think the singing birds were still in my mind as I went with the topic of “Sing a New Song”.  As I spent time with God and His Word, I was reminded of just how much music was involved in the daily worship of God.  I fear many Christians view the songs they sing in a church service as being worship and all other music they sing and listen to outside of a church setting is entertainment and has nothing to do with God or worship.  I believe that a Biblical approach is to live life in such a way that all we do, whether musically or not, is presented to God as our life of worship.  As I watched the sunrise and heard the birds singing, it was easy for me to imagine a song of worship being presented before God.  I wondered, though, if the birds were observing me as I watched the sunrise would they imagine what I was doing being worship presented to God?

What if you and I would see our life as a song?  What genre would it be classified as?  Would it be approved for all audiences or would we find a label attached warning that we were for “mature” audiences only?   Would it be easy to classify or filled with such extremes that no one would be real sure what we stood for?  Would we be pleased to offer the entire “song” to God as worship or would we attempt to hide part of it from Him?  When we sing a new song, we sing a song of consistency that communicates the message of Christ no matter what we are doing.  When we lose consistency, our message becomes confusing.  James asks, “Can fresh water and salt water come from the same spring?”.  The implied answer is, “Of course not!”  His desire is that we would recognize that cursing and praise have no place in coming from the same mouth . . . or the same social media account.

I pray that you and I would recognize God’s beauty and presence throughout each day as you learn to sing a new song that give praise to Him at all times.  I pray that we would speak, write, post, and live with a consistency that leaves no doubt about Who is center to our life to those listening and watching.  I pray that we would examine the details of the song of our life and seek to make every note of it be praise of the God we serve.


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