2016: Page 57

My snow removal work from yesterday held up and all the sidewalks and entryways were in good shape when I arrived at work this morning.  My plan was to take care of the things at work that needed my attention in the morning and then take a break for a while before returning for a late night of cleaning and getting the building ready for the weekend.  As I worked on formatting my weekly prayer guide email and blog post, I was called to the office to take care of some networking issues as a computer wasn’t wanting to talk to the printer.  After a couple other interruptions, I finished the work I had started on but before heading out for the afternoon I got sidetracked with the second weekly collection of daily devotions I am working on.  As I wrote, I would grab chips and chocolate out of my desk to munch on to hold me over until I would go get lunch.  As I sat at my desk typing, the birds began to appear in the trees outside my window so I periodically pause from my writing long enough to take photos.  

As I finished day seven of the devotional booklet I was working at writing, I realized the afternoon had gotten away from me and the building would soon be empty enough that I could start cleaning.  After a quick sandwich so I had something to eat besides junk food all day, I began cleaning and spending time with God reflecting on the day.  I thought about the networking issues and how sometimes we seem to get our connections messed up to the point that it feels like communication with God is impossible.  The good news is that it doesn’t take a network specialist to resolve the conflicts that are blocking communication.  It simply takes us humbling ourselves and spending the time to seek God with our entire being as we go to Him in prayer.  

I thought about the variety of birds, and eventually a few deer, that gathered outside my window throughout the day.  So many unique representations of God’s creativity in the wildlife realm that caught my eye and made me wonder if I value the unique representations of God’s creativity when it is present in the people around me.  And then I thought about this series of booklets I am working on.  The one that I wrote today contains seven daily devotions focused on different aspects of serving with contentment.  As I mopped floors and prayed tonight, God reminded me of the times when I’ve served grudgingly with little or no contentment.  He reminded me of the joy that is present when serving others is done with contentment.  He called me to examine my motives in choosing the who, how, where, and why I serve.  Most of all, He encouraged me to keep serving Him as I serve others through the writings He gives me.

I pray that you and I would pay attention to the many lessons that God tries to teach us each day.  I pray for the wisdom to understand the life lessons that He wants me to learn through the interactions He knows I will have throughout a day.  I pray for the courage to honestly share with others in a way that helps them see the lessons God wants them to learn.

The photo on today’s page was a tough choice but I’m going with one that may require a second look.  My count finds ten birds in this photo but more than the number, I’m amazed at the different expressions and/or activity that that I notice as I look at each bird individually and then as a group.  I pray that you find joy in doing exactly what God has created for you to do and that you spend all the time necessary with Him to figure out what that is.


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